A couple of people have wondered when I return to Paris. The answer is not for a while. Maurice arrives in October and we plan to do a few things and not be back in Paris until the end of November so not back to Paris for a long time.
I am still looking for someone to check on my Mom when I’m not here. So far every agency has a four hour minimum which my Mom doesn’t need. I have started to resort to prayer hoping for a miracle find. My Mom isn’t as strong as she was the last time I saw her but she still dusts, cleans the floor and won’t go to bed until the kitchen is totally clean. Plus, she puts on full makeup each day. I will know she isn’t well when she skips that. I also had to buy a moisturizer for her yesterday. Her skin looks better than mine.
I haven’t been out to take photos recently so I went back to the very first ones I took with my iPhone taken in Paris.

This was taken in April of 2011.  I don’t remember where it was. I loved the pinks and it is the screen saver for my phone.

I took this from our bedroom window of the apartment one floor down facing our inner courtyard. Someone was going to have breakfast in bed.

3 thoughts to “Ready”

  1. That’s a long stay in the States! It sounds frustrating trying to piece together help. Hope a miracle comes your way. Thanks for playing along with Dreaming of France

  2. So love your blog Linda. I’m surely just one of many “accros” (addicts) who stalks it every day. Your Mom sounds like one fantastic Lady and here’s wishing you, and her, all the very best!

  3. Following this with great interest because we are going thru the same thing with my grandmother right now… 🙁 –

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