An Hour Away

I’ve taken a quick trip to los Angeles to visit a friend.She and I met years ago in Texas when my ex and I moved across the street from her. We were both having marital problems and I spent hours on a green and red antique barber chair in her bedroom talking. She got out of her marriage years before I did and moved back to California where she had grown up. I have visited her there many times since then and try to see her each time I am in the States.

A cute little place I saw in a side street of Hermosa Beach, one of the beach cities of LA.

There was a volley ball tournament going on at the beach as there often is.

A look at the beach from above.

Beautiful decorative tile on the side of an apartment building.

Two on a bicycle-art in a little public space in Redondo Beach.

An iconic life gaurd station on Redondo Beach. It was 70 degrees as compared to the 104 degrees back in Scottsdale.

5 thoughts to “An Hour Away”

  1. I love CA beach towns. I brought my granddaughter to a whole bunch of them a couple of years ago, as we worked our way down from LA to San Diego. We liked Manhattan Beach best in the LA area, but San Diego is still my all-time favorite beach city in the States.

  2. This brings back memories for this Southern California girl! Glad you had a chance to do something fun with your friend and that your mom is doing well enough that you could.

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