Art in Architecture

I really love architecture when done well and have discovered a treasure trove in Long Beach where my friend lives. There was a very bad earthquake in Long Beach in 1933 and many buildings were destroyed but this was the era of Art Nouveau and many buildings were rebuilt in this one of my favorite styles.

Most of the architecture like this was in the old downtown section of Long Beach.

I liked the colors on this one too.

I’m not sure if this is Art Nouveau but I found it in the art district.

At the end of The Promenade.

Isn’t this great?

This was in the art district too.

3 thoughts to “Art in Architecture”

  1. Art Deco is my absolute favorite period for everything: decor, clothes, jewelry and definitely architecture. I love fabulous old architecture in general. Most of my time in Europe, the UK and Mexico City has been spent wandering around taking photos of beautiful old buildings. There aren’t as many art deco examples in Mexico City as there are in a lot of other world capitals, but their Fine Arts museum is one of the most well-preserved, inside and out, that I have ever had the good fortune to visit.

    Still, my favorites are the everyday buildings, as opposed to grand museums. And those you’ve found in Long Beach are just amazing. It reminds me of South Beach in Miami, which is practically a full blown tribute to the era. I don’t know why, but these particular types of design seem to go especially well with a beach environment.

  2. Great photos! Art Deco is my favorite period as well. I lived in Long Beach in my teen years and worked one summer in the old downtown. I remember none of this. However, I suspect the average 16 year old has other things on her mind than architecture, so I feel somewhat exonerated. 🙂

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