Venice Beach

Venice Beach isn’t too far from Santa Monica so I walked there. Venice Beach is a very popular tourist destination and this was a Saturday afternoon so it was packed. It’s a very intersting place to say the least with lots of weird people, a huge variety of art and people to tell you your future. You can get marjuana there too if you want. I ran out of energy before I could do much exploring but I did get some photos.

There’s a huge beach and many palm trees.

Lots of art on sides of buldings.

This one is famous and seen in lots of movies.

The creator of Venice Beach loved Venice and made these canals to resemble the real thing. I’ve seen these in lots of movies and tv shows as well.

5 thoughts to “Venice Beach”

  1. Linda, Since you visited Venice not that long ago, how does Venice Beach compare to the real thing? It sounds very far to walk from Santa Monica to Venice Beach. I hope you got a ride back. Thanks for playing along with Dreaming of France. Are you dreaming of France yet? I am as soon as I started comparing health insurance prices.

    1. There’s no comparison really other than canals. The real thing can’t be beat.
      I took an Uber to get back. I did walk a total of six miles though.

  2. That’s a lot of walking! However, after your Camino experience it probably was a piece of cake. Those little houses along the canals in the CA Venice cost a fortune.

  3. Venice is a trip, and the boardwalk is, as you say, full of weird people. Your photo of the canal looks so much better than the real thing, still it’s a bit of fun to see, eh?

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