Here Again

A photo from Paris from a few years ago. I especially like the light. It was taken from the metro as it crossed the Seine. No photos from AZ at the moment.

I am back in Scottsdale with my Mom after a quick trip to los Angeles. It is back up to 110 degrees or so every day which just kills my spirit and I don’t get outside to take photos. My only excursion is in the car to drive to the mall to walk and I often make a stop at the grocery store on the way home. Mom’s doctor wanted to do two procedures on Mom but she only, reluctantly, agreed to one-the subcutaneous Loop Heart Monitor, which keeps track of her heart 24/7. Once a day the whole record is sent in via the Internet to the doctor’s office where they check for various things. If she should have another episode, they can see if it was caused by her heart. She is one of many who have atrial fibrillation where the heart beats irregularly which is the leading cause of strokes. It was a quick procedure done in the hospital. We were almost ready to be checked out when a nurse ran by as the patient next to us coded and suddenly there were twenty people in the room trying to bring him back. We don’t know if he made it or not. He was intubated and being helped to breath when they took him out of the room. Mom can’t walk well but she sure looked healthy compared to him. She told me she doesn’t want me to leave. I did point out to her that I have a life in France to return to-and believe me, I am very ready to return. I think she will hate being alone again but I have found an agency which will send someone to check on her once a day and do various things for her. Progress.

Mom and I were both born in Houston, Texas so watch the news about the hurricane very avidly. I have a cousin who still lives there. I wrote the day before the hurricane was due to land and asked if he was leaving but he said no and that, in fact, his wife was getting her nails done. The next day he said they had very little rain and that what was being shown on the news was “fake news”. The next day I saw photos of his pool which had turned green and was overflowing and what he called a lake in front of his house but he still wasn’t leaving. The day after that I called and he said his son was coming in a boat to get them and that there was two feet of water in his house. Both of his cars are destroyed. He headed back a few days later with his son and friends to start ripping out walls and start the repair. He had flood insurance for 22 years and finally stopped it thinking it was a waste of time and money. In the meantime, in Dallas, my son and daughter can’t get gas. There is sort of a panic run on gas stations as everyone is afraid there won’t be any left due to the damage to the suppliers in Houston.

I’m looking forward to seeing Notre Dame again.

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  1. It’s so hard to deal with aging parents when you live overseas. Been there. Will your mom agree to move to assisted living? At least it’s a way to see people and socialize, plus there’s trained staff if she is ill or needs some help. My dad loved it. My mom hated it, but she was always sure everybody was criticizing her, which they weren’t. Mostly. She did love the staff.
    As for Houston, considering the fumbled evacuation during, they told people to stay put. Nobody could have dreamt that the storm would stay so long and drop so much rain. Although going forward all coastal cities need to think about it, because storms are going to keep getting worse.

    1. My mom is against assisted living. She wants to live by herself in her beautiful house. She’s very happy there. The only way I’ll ever get her in assisted-living is if she can’t give me her opinion. So far it’s working out.

      1. As long as she can do it, more power to her. My mom wanted to die in her house, but it didn’t work out.
        I hate to bring this up, but in light of the hospital roommate….does your mom have an advance directive? They are very difficult to do–you really need a health professional to help. My dad wanted everything possible done, but had do not resuscitate orders (on a wristband). The nurses would question it, but my brother, who is an EMT, had explained that cardiac massage would probably break his ribs and might not even work. Not a fun conversation. Good luck.

  2. Oh, Linda, I do feel for you! No help forthcoming from “the sister?” Now you know how much I looked forward to your blog each day when I spent 4 long years caring for my mom. Your life just gets put on hold. At least it will be better when Maurice arrives. Sending hugs and positive thoughts your way.

  3. Linda, Wow, you covered a lot in that post. The heat sounds horrible. I’d avoid going outdoors too. I’m glad your mom is doing better and you have found someone to check on her everyday. My sister-in-law had to flee her house in Houston because of the flood too. I think it really surprised people. Your France pictures are beautiful and maybe your heart has moved more than realized.
    I can’t imagine how hard it must be to tell your parents that you won’t stay there and be a caretaker forever. I hope mine never ask, but people change as they age. I’m hoping that eventually my mother will come live with us wherever we land.
    Thanks for the post and for being honest about things that some people try to sweep under a rug.
    Also, thanks for playing along with Dreaming of France. Here’s my Dreaming of France meme

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