Still Here

Still here in Arizona and haven’t done a thing except walk each morning at the mall, talk with my Mom and watch all of the New York Tennis Open and some college football and go to a couple of movies. Oh, and read a lot, lots of mysteries. Nothing worth photographing except a few things at the mall. I’d like to do a short day trip this week. I don’t think my Mom will be up for it but we will see.

The carousel in front of the Hotel de Ville in Paris. I was going through my Paris photos and found this. I don’t remember when I took it. It’s always there.

I took this from the second floor of the Eiffel Tower as I climbed the stairs with my grandsons some years ago. Not the best photo ever. Did you know that you now have to go through security to get below the Eiffel Tower or to get into line to go up?

4 thoughts to “Still Here”

  1. Just catching up after a prolonged period of getting behind on reading.
    Best wishes to your mom, hope she feels much better. I’ve never been a fan of desert settings, but your photos could change my mind, at least for a while.

  2. Do you live half time in Arizona, half time in France? How fantastic if you do! Love how there always seems to be a carousel in France! I have similar photos of carousel in St. Raphael & Bandol.

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