As I said in my last post, I visited a town called Grapevine in Texas while visiting with family nearby. Grapevine was originally called Grape Vine after Grape Vine Springs where some wild grapes grew. The famous outlaws, Bonnie and Clyde hung out around here too and two policemen were killed nearby by one of their gang members. Who knew? Anyway, a few more photos:

When I brightened up this photo it made the eggs look shiny which they weren’t. The eggs aren’t dyed but colored by the diet of the chickens. I saw Martha Stewart do this years ago with her chickens.

This little baby goat-don’t you love its ears?-belonged to a family selling goat cheese and soap bars made from goat milk. Their business was started when the daughter raised a goat for 4-H and they now have 70 of them. My daughter in law wants to have a small farm one day and have goats and chickens. Sounds like a lot of work to me but I’m not that young anymore.

The girl proudly wore this belt buckle that she won in a State Fair for her goat. There are so many lives and interests out there that I never even think about.

The lady in the cowboy hat makes very cute t-shirts and baby outfits. I loved “Storm Pooper”. They were all funny.

There was also a man selling geodes. They are hallow rocks often full of crystals as you can see to the left with white crystals. The man had partially cut through the rocks and then, if you bought one, you took the tool, put it in the crevice and hit it with a hammer and it fell apart perfectly. You didn’t know what type of crystal would be inside until you cut it in half. These geodes came from an ancient, dead volcano in Mexico made from bubbles when it exploded and then over years, rocks dissolved and colored the inside. I love geology.

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