On our last day in California, we met a friend of mine that I went to high school with in Arizona who has lived in Oakland for years. We met her and her husband at the University of California in Berkeley  and she gave us a little tour. There were, of course, students walking everywhere. I wonder if they have any idea how lucky they are? I wouldn’t mind going back to college.

Here’s the main gate into the campus. In the sixties this is where there were a lot of demonstrations. It was a pretty wild time. I went to a conservitive university and missed the whole thing.

The campus clock tower.

A lovely library. Mostly there were comfy couches and chairs for the students.

You could even get an old 33 1/3 record and play it there if you wanted. Do young people even want to do that anymore? I think it’s the in thing to do.

Two pretty chairs.

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