100 Years

One hundred years ago (actually 99 I’ve been told), WWI ended. France celebrated this event all over the country. One of these celebrations was at Notre Dame where a light show was done on the front of the cathedral. I just arrived back in Paris, had jet lag, and there was a 90 per cent chance of rain but I decided to go anyway for the 8 PM show as you never know when something like that will be done again. There was, as you might expect, a huge audience and I arrived just as it was started. I couldn’t move once I arrived so every one of my photos has an ugly traffic sign in it but it was great.

There was music and voices but I could barely hear it.

The Rose Window as the center of most of the light show.

At one point the image opened like a curtain to another light show behind.

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  1. Truly amazing Linda. So glad that you did go to experience this show. I have seen it on instagram from others too . What a fabulous display.

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