On The Way Home

A look at one of the wings of the Louvre Museum at night. I don’t see this very often as I am almost always at home once the sun sets.

The entrance to the Cafe Marly attached to the Louvre. I’ve eaten here and it was very good.

As I was headed to the metro, I turned around and got this view of the pyramid. It’s hard to get a photo without a crowd of people in it around here and I almost managed none but someone walked across just as I took the photo.

Finally on the street back to our apartment with a little cafe lit up and the autumn leaves golden in the light. As you can see, it had been raining.

4 thoughts to “On The Way Home”

  1. How beautiful it looks at night! And that solitary person crossing past the pyramid couldn’t be better if you planned it. Wonderful photos, Linda. Nothing more beautiufl than Paris when it drizzles.

  2. I like that Louvre photo taken from the tunnel – it’s pretty special. And I always like seeing Paris-in-the-rain photos.

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