Early One Morning

I walk with a friend two or three times a week very early, usually at 7 AM. It is still dark as the sun doesn’t rise until well after 8. I always have her text me when she is ready as one morning she overslept and I decided to head out on my own. The walk we always do is at the edge of a forest/park, around a lake and it isn’t very well lit which is fine when there are two of you but it was way too dark when I was by myself even though a jogger or two went by. I enjoy seeing shops still lit up in the area.

Here’s a look at the edge of the walk on a foggy morning.

An old time boulangerie, or bakery, still lit inside. This is actually a very well known place.

Kouglof for sale inside. It is a Christmas pastry which originated in Alsace.

A close up. I don’t think I have ever had one. I think it is sort of a fruit cake, although raisins are the only fruit.

A simple Christmas decoration in the window.


3 thoughts to “Early One Morning”

  1. Love that “simple Christmas decoration in the window”. So clever to have the different sized ornaments hanging. I wonder if I could ever find one like it, I have lost enthusiasm for putting up our fake tree.

  2. I’m imagining all the wonderful aromas in that boulangerie; makes me want to stop by for some goodies. Bravo to you for walking every morning – and at 7a.m. to boot. I usually roll into the gym about 11:00 for some work on the treadmill.

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