Winter Beach

Maurice and I made a quick trip to our beach place. Things are pretty dead there in the winter but it was a nice break. (This was before Christmas).

The local church was prettily lit.

A little jazz band was there playing Christmas music.

The Wednesday market was small compared to summer but the florist was still there.

I had a good seafood salad with a tropical twist.

There had been a big storm the week before we arrived and sand was piled up along the beaches. Some of this is protected sand dunes and I’m wondering if they will clear away some of the sand or leave it.

Another beach view. The fences are almost totally covered.

A little of the music that I recorded.

4 thoughts to “Winter Beach”

  1. I’m very impressed by the band and the Christmas bauble they were playing in–pretty sophisticated for a small place. Or maybe it’s bigger than I imagine it. Thanks, lovely pictures.

    1. It’s a small place but very near a big city, la Rochelle. I’m not sure if that makes a difference. I think the mayor is a wizard with money too.

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