Winter Walk

I am back in Paris, and as is often the case in Winter, the sky is gray and cloudy with periods of rain just about all of the time. Finally the weather forecast called for blue skies so I got myself out there before the rain began again the next day. The light was beautiful in that sparkly wintery way and it was a bit cold but not horrible. Everyone else in Paris had the same idea. I walked along the Seine and people poured around me-tourists and Parisians alike.

Here is the Saint Paul Saint Louis Church looking especially beautiful in the sunlight.

One of two lions guarding a door on the side of the Hotel de Ville.

As you can see, the river was running high. I think it has gone down a bit though.

Going under a bridge. Traffic is usually on this road.

A closeup. I like this bridge.

Up above the river on the street level are many bouquinistes which used to just sell books but now sell art and things for tourists as well.


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