Another Wet Day

It has been raining a lot here in Paris. When you finally see a patch of blue sky and a bit of sun, there is rejoicing. I had a friend and her husband visiting here in Paris and gave them a walk around the Marais. I actually went to nursing school with my friend many years ago. She left that field and went on to become a travel agent and has traveled the world. We had to wait until the afternoon to walk to avoid pouring rain but had a relatively dry walk with a bit of sun.

This “artist” has this form of graffiti all over Paris using his face in plaster. This is another near the hotel of my friend with the artist sticking out his tongue and including hands this time.

Another type of graffiti rather fitting with all of the rain lately.

This shop had a long line waiting to go in. I think the interiors of these cakes are all meringue as we saw them assembling a cake using layers of meringue held together with whipped cream.

This ancient building is actually a youth hostel.

Two of the oldest buildings in Paris.

The rain may be annoying but it sure makes the streets beautiful when a bit of sun comes out.


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  1. I think I’ve never seen graffiti done in plaster before. Seems as though it’d be difficult to create on “the run.” Or maybe the gendarmes are more lenient towards street artists in Paris.

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