The Flood

As you might be aware, the Seine River is up to flooding levels but, so far, the water is up only along the river and not into Paris itself. A few metro stops were affected and a lower section of the Louvre was closed as it is right next to the Seine but most of us weren’t affected. I read that the population of rats goes up with flooding but luckily I haven’t seen one. The other day I met friends for lunch and decided to go look at the Zouave statue which in normal weather is totally above the Seine. Once the water reaches the feet of the statue, you know the river is rising.

A look at the flooding. Normally you can walk where those trees are.

Here is the Statue on Pont l’Alma. As you can see, the water is almost to his waist.

A close up. If the level of water is at his head then there is a flood like the one of 1910 where streets around Notre Dame were full of three feet if water.

Next to the café were these beautiful mimosa with purple irises. I love yellow and purple together.

We ate here at the Café Varenne. My friend wanted to eat here because Ina Gartner has a place nearby and this is the first place they come when visiting Paris. I loved the interior-so Parisian.

My American friend had the profiterol for dessert. A very pretty dessert.

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    1. I had family in the States asking me about the flooding as the news made it look like a disaster. The water is high but most of us are unaffected. It isn’t “false news” but not exactly true. I’ve heard some villages down from Paris had true problems.

  1. That is one of our favorite all time classical Paris restaurants. As always fabulous photography – How lovely to have had lunch there!

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