Worth Another Visit

I met a friend at Gare de Lyon and since we were there we decided to have tea at the gorgeous Train Bleu.

As you can see, they were set up for lunch.

There are paintings high above of locations which trains from Gare de Lyon go. This one was Cassis. I wouldn’t mind being on a train headed there. It really is beautiful.

Our tea. We had the chai tea and it came with milk in it.

A side room for dining.

These were for sale there. Maybe I need some opera glasses trimmed in rhinestones.

5 thoughts to “Worth Another Visit”

  1. The rhinestone glasses reminds me – when I go to the dentist they give you a pair of sunglasses to wear when they work on you so I got a pair at a thrift shop with rhinestones and gave them to the office – they always remember that I have “special” glasses and I remind them that everyone needs to wear the special glasses, not just me. I hope it brightens someone else’s day, too.

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