Day Two in Venice


We walked and walked and looked and looked. No matter how manytimes you have been in Venice, it is still a delight. The nicest thing is the lack of traffic noise except for an occasional motor from a boat or the vaparettos on the larger canals. The streets are totally pedestrian except for men pushing carts for deliveries or picking up trash.


This is a common sight-walls that are no longer covered with plaster. Just old brick. There are buildings that were built as brick including some churches.

This is at back of an elegant women’s clothing shop. I’ve never seen anyone sitting there though.

Overhead an unusual statue of the Virgin Mary. I think she is pregnant.

A typical scene at a vaporetto stop with a gondola departing, a vaparetto arriving and the Rialto Bridge in the background. I was so annoyed with those two girls looking down at their phones instead of the beauty in front of them that I almost yelled at them. I restrained myself as I know it would have made no differnce and they probably would have flipped me off or something.

4 thoughts to “Day Two in Venice”

  1. Gorgeous photos!
    I wonder about the exposed brick. Around here, there’s a saying about houses without plaster not being healthy. The plaster keeps out humidity. I would think that’s an issue in Venice, too.

  2. Very interesting photos, Linda. The little iron-bar window is charming. I’m hoping those girls were just beginning or ending a photo session on their phones rather than ignoring the magic of Venice.

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