First Day in Venice

Our first day in Venice was rainy, but not horrible torrential rain so it wasn’t unpleasant and anyway, we are in Venice.

Gourmet pasta artistically arranged in a window.

A Venitian flag blowing in the wind.

We passed this as we were walking. It looks sort of Templar Knights to me but I have no idea. Venice has a very long and mixed history. So much happened that it is hard to keep track of it all. I was looking up the history of when Napoleon was here and it is very involved but he invaded Venice in 1796 and by then Venice had been drained by wars with the Ottomans so didn’t put up much of a fight. Then Austria won Venice in a treaty only to have France take control again in 1805.  One thing Napoleon did was have all of the little huts removed from gondolas. I guess there was too much misbehaving going on inside of them. I also read that prostitutes had red lights on their gondolas. 26 churches were closed along with 25 monasteries and covents.

Mozart was here in Venice for the carnival of 1771 as this plaque says. It was obviously a big deal. I don’t know why the garland was put up around it. Did you know that he died at 36 years of age?

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  1. Great story about the gondolas. 🙂 The Italians have wonderfully interesting ways to display pasta…and everything else. Just think of the fabulous music the world missed by the untimely deaths of Mozart and George Gershwin, both gone in their mid-thirties.

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