During the carnavale season here in Venice, which lasts a month, there is much to see and do. One day there was a parade having something to do with ten virgins. There were ten pretty women dressed in ancient Italian fashion carried aloft by men, bands, period costumes and teams of people with flags doing precision drills. I have seen this a couple of times in the States at football games. I wonder where the custom started?

As you can see, there had been rain but it stopped before the parade. I liked these colorful flags being flung about in unison.

A video I took of an incredible flag throwing/catching performance

I loved this little cutie interested in throwing confetti at the parade.

This was the style seen in the parade, sort of royal renaissance.

The sun sort of peeked through as we headed home.

5 thoughts to “Parade”

  1. That video is mesmerizing, especially the part where he flicks the flags with his foot. The swirling design is like a kaleidoscope.
    My first visit to Venice was during Carnavale. It was magical, with the locals all decked out in velvet cloaks and hats, swooping down the streets. Like the movie Amadeus.

  2. I’ve been thinking of you every day and wondering what fascinating things you’re seeing. Thanks for the great photos. Is it very crowded? We’ve been there only in the fall and it’s not too crowded then but I’d love to go for Carnavale.

    1. During the weekends it is very crowded at Rialto and San Marc Square during carnival. The rest isn’t too bad although there were groups of Chinese tourists everywhere especially in gondolas and water taxis. They are the new travelers I think.

      1. Isn’t that the truth? We’ve seen masses of them everywhere. As annoying as that can be, I’m glad they finally are able to see the world.

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