Carnivale is an exciting time anywhere but it is really special in Venice. Many people dress in costumes even if it’s just a cape and a simple mask but I’m always on the lookout for the more professional ones and they are usually found on San Marc square. I hate crowds and it can get really packed there so I set off very early both Saturday and Sunday morning before the festivities ended to see what I could find. There were indeed many great costumes and I had to fight my way through and around photographers with big cameras and long lenses to get my shots.

The first lady I came to was standing in this splendid location with the perfect background. Note that the building on top of her hat matches the building in the distance. Salute, I think.

Flamboyant and over the top rather like Liberace if anyone remembers him.

They really know how to make dramatic poses.

She looked pretty in the sun.

This lady had a costume made of what looked to be canvas bags for coffee beans. Good pose.

Very elegant and sophisticated. There was one guy wearing a rather strange costume with opera music playing from underneath his costume.

The same lady as at the beginning who moved in front of these doors. I like this pose and look how tiny her waist looks!

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