For the last art festival in Venice all sorts of art could be seen around the city. One of the pieces was two arms coming out of the water, hands against a building as if holding it up and it is called Support. It represents the rising of water around the world due to global warming as well as the plight of Venice.  I was disappointed to have missed seeing it when I saw photos of it and most of the art was gone but to my delight, it was still here. It is done by Lorenzo Quinn who is the son of the actor, Anthony Quinn. He tried acting for a bit but decided to pursue art full time. His mother is Italian and he was raised in both New York City and Italy and now lives in Italy with his family.

Seen from the canal.

Closer from the vaporetto stop.

From the side.

Right hand.

Left hand.

Shot from underneath. You can go to his website and see the arms being put into a boat and being brought up the Grand Canal if interested as well as his other art.

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  1. Fantastic! At first glance it’s humorous but upon learning the message it becomes profound. I love that you showed it from so many angles. Interesting artist info.

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