Romeo and Juliet

We made a trip to Verona by train which is a wonderful city packed with history and fabulous architecture. The tale by Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, is set in Verona and it perhaps based on two warring families there but there is no proof Romeo and Juliet were actual people. In gact I read that Shakespeare got the story from an Itslian poem which was actually set in Venice. Whio knows why he moved it to Verona? Some savie marketing person decided to find a home with a courtyard and a balcony and the rest is history. The courtyard was packed with mostly young romantic couples and there was a charge to go up to the balcony which I skipped.

This was on the walls leading to the courtuard.

The courtyard.

The balcony.

Juliet. The wall behind here is being covered by chewing gum for some reason.

A couple putting up a note and a lock.

A closeup. There were even bandaids. I’m old enough that I don’t understand graffiti and love locks and especially not gum but no body asked me.

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