We made a a quick trip to nearby Verona by train in an hour and spent the night. I had no expectations when I went and ended up being totally charmed. It’s a lovely city full of interesting architecture, a lot of it Roman. It had once been under the rule of Venice and that influence is also here. It was once called the city of painting and many buildings do have remnants left of painted scenes on the sides. I would call it the city of balconies myself as they were everywhere. I do wonder is Shakespeare traveled here and got his idea.

The Roman Coliseum is right there in the middle of the Old City.

We went inside and climbed to the top. They still put on plays and events here, just no one killing wild animals.

Once a gateway into the city. It’s great that they left it here. Many of the streets were pedestrian only.

A Renaissance stairway. There was also a statue of Dante who was forced to leave Florence due to Catholic church disagreement with his writing but they took him in in Verona.

There were some wonderful churches in Verona full of painted walls and ceilings. This is a tomb of a wealthy person from Verona.

Another gorgeous church.

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  1. Hi Linda , I must get to Verona one day soon . I will have my own personal guides when I finally get there as my 2nd cousin and his wife live there and a very good friend and his wife too. Great photos. Just looked at previous post , I REALLY do not understand why Romeo and Juliet’s place is allowed to be covered in bits of paper , locks and gum !!!!! NO IDEA , I think I would give it a miss too.

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