A Night at the Opera

One night we went to see The Barber of Seville at the famous la Fenice Opera House. It was, as expected, very beautiful and luxurious. Many people were really dressed up in long gowns and tuxedos. This being the Carnival season there were also many in costumes. The play is a silly one, a farce, but enjoyable even though opera is not my thing. The young maiden in the performance didn’t look that young to me, the old man had a wig on to make him look older than he was and everyone overacted like mad. It was fun.

The entrance.

The ceiling.

Isn’t it beautiful?

Not your usual seats.

At the end of the play this giant frame came down. I’m not sure why but it looked nice. To tell the truth I wasn’t that impressed with the stage setting as it seem very plain and simple. Maybe this is a play put on mainly for tourists and they don’t expend a lot of money for such productions. I still enjoyed it in my little critical fashion.

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  1. How wonderful that so many were “dressed” for the occasion. We always attend the opera when we travel if it’s in season but most of the time folks are very casually dressed. Glad you enjoyed it.

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