Cocktail Hour in Milan

I was expecting Milan to have a lot of places like Venice, and maybe it does, but I didn’t see any, serving the little appetizers called cicheti. I was puzzled at first when we kept seeing signs about Happy Hour with prices like ten euros and thought that wasn’t much of a deal. Somewhere along the line I discovered that plates of appetizers were offered with a drink. We went to an area with canals lined with all sorts of bars and restaurants and joined in with this tradition.

One of the canals at night. At one time canals went right into the heart of Milan from two rivers and then the sea and unloaded tons of marble for building Milan. Leonardo, who was very productive while living in Milan, had much to do with modernizing the canals and lock systems.

Where I finally got my clue about happy hour.

We went into this place mainly because the interior looked so great to me.

What was served with our spritz cocktails.

Another place.

I saw quite a few of these seating areas outside of restaurants. I think it was for meals, not happy hour.

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  1. They do this in Bologna, too. But in Naples and Palermo, there’s no extra charge. You don’t actually order any food, but if you order a drink, they bring you an assortment of food. In Naples, they seem to expect you to only order one drink, bc the selection brought with the second round was noticeably skimpier, lol. In Palermo, we actually went into a restaurant for dinner, but they brought us so much food with the drinks, we ended up just ordering dessert afterward.

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