Venitian Luxury

This being Italy, you always see beautiful luxury around in clothing, jewlery, furniture and high end stores.

Look at this interior of the Stern Hotel. I wouldn’t mind staying here one day.

We were walking near the Rialto Bridge when we saw a group of Chinese follow someone holding an umbrella aloft enter a door. I could see a large space and we decided to go in and found this huge department store full of luxury items. It looked like a Roman Forum.

I don’t think I’ve ever been on a red escalator before.

And I’ve never seen a food court like this one. That’s a bar in the middle. On another day we went in to have a drink but after waiting for ten minutes with no service we left.

I’ve heard about the Gritti Palace Hotel for years and wanted to look at the lobby which was gorgeous. We decided to have a drink in the bar there too.

A nice place to sit and read.

So does a twenty euro spritz cocktail taste better than our usual one next to our apartment that costs 3.50? Not really but it was sure a nice setting.

As many days were cold while we were in Venice, I saw a lot of women in mink coats like this one. We were sitting in the sun at tables of a cafe and I was freezing to death, especially my feet, but it was too pretty to go inside.

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