We were sad to leave Venice after our month stay. It really is a special beautiful city.

On my last day I went on a search for this statue of an angel with an elephant. They aren’t sure about the history of this sculpture but say it was done in the 1700’s. It was in the courtyard of the police and the elephant is said to represent strength and prudence so maybe that’s why it’s there. Notice the lion paws. The symbol of Venice is the lion so I think this is why.

A little humour-perhaps having something to do with the high water problem Venice is having.

I saw many shops selling really lovely paper and paper products like this tiny gondola.

Maurice and I went out to the beautiful Venice cemetery one day, very large and peaceful, and found the tomb of Stravinky. Ezra Pound is also buried there but I couldn’t find his tomb. I don’t know much about him but I read he was very controversial. He died in Venice.

On my last day I also went to the Russian Orthodox church but it was closed. It’s the one with the leaning tower. They have a little courtyard right on a canal and this ancient gate was there at an old entrance to board a gondola. I also saw a funeral procession at a nearby church. The coffin, with a bouquet of flowers on top, came out of the church doors lead by a priest in purple to a waiting boat which was loaded with the coffin and then a few family members. It quietly pulled away into the canal heading for the cemetery.

On the day of our departure I got up and looked out the window, cranky because a noise of scraping woke me up. It sounded like someone was scraping barnacles off of a metal boat which I thought rude to be doing at dawn. When I looked out I almost screamed because the courtyard below us was covered in snow. The noise I heard were street cleaners scraping snow and ice off of the bridge below. I went out and got mostly photos of snow on gondolas. It was rather magic.

Along with the snow, there was sun. A very nice way to leave Venice. Back to Paris where there was snow the morning after we arrived as well. We had such a great time.


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  1. So glad you had such a wonderful trip. I enjoyed it vicariously with you. Your photos were especially lovely-the costumes and the snow…wow! ( that gate is beautiful) It must have been touching to see the funeral procession in the quiet of Venice.

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