Colorful Street

A short walk from the Gare de Lyon is the colourful rue Cremieux, very popular on Instagram. In fact, we met four girls while there who were taking photos for Instagram. We joined them.

On the way there we passed this entrance to a hotel. There was another typical  hotel entrance next to it. I don’t know where this door goes to. I liked the painted trees there. One of the pipes isn’t real either but painted to look like the actual one, Trompe l’oeil as the French say.

Here we are at colourful Rue Cremieux and look!!! Blue sky! I’ve posted on this street before but here you are again.

A little wysteria even when it isn’t the season for it.

Painted bird with shadow, window too.

Jumping cat. I don’t know who came up with the idea to paint the exteriors but I do like it.




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