This and That in Paris

A few photos of things that I really liked around Paris.

A narrow street in the Latin Quarter with a colorful advertisement on the wall.

Look at this great display of autumn leaves seen on a dawn walk by Lake Daumesnil

A fabulous sunrise reflected in Lake Daumesnil. I went on a walk with a friend at  7  AM and this was our reward. As the days get shorter and shorter we end up walking in dark mornings.

These remarkable palm tree columns are in the Saint Sauveur church in the Latin Quarter. I had a spare minute and quickly popped in for a photo.

Autumn Color

I always think Spring is my favorite season until Fall arrives. The color of changing leaves, the long shadows and the shorter days always charm me. I was so glad to get back to Paris in time to see some of Autumn in Paris.

I saw a lot of color on the Promenade Planteé when Maurice and I got out to do our walk.

They always decorate this corner of the garden there so well. I love colorful mums.

I love the architectual details on the walk, especially if there  are autumn leaves cascading down.

There are several very colorful paintings above benches as well.

On The Way Home

A look at one of the wings of the Louvre Museum at night. I don’t see this very often as I am almost always at home once the sun sets.

The entrance to the Cafe Marly attached to the Louvre. I’ve eaten here and it was very good.

As I was headed to the metro, I turned around and got this view of the pyramid. It’s hard to get a photo without a crowd of people in it around here and I almost managed none but someone walked across just as I took the photo.

Finally on the street back to our apartment with a little cafe lit up and the autumn leaves golden in the light. As you can see, it had been raining.


After the light show at Notre Dame, I walked through the crowd to the Louvre to look at the exhibition on the pyramid there. They have put on a type of light show there too celebrating the opening of a second Louvre in Abu Dhabi, a collaboration between the two countries.

I passed this on the way, special lighting on what I think is a police station lit up for the anniversary too.

The bridges are lit up and there is the Eiffel Tower lighting the way.

One of the bridges has this mosaic graffiti on it.

From the back the pyramid had this covering on it. I thought I was too late to see anything, plus there were very few people about.

Here is what I saw from the front. I think it is the ceiling in the main lobby of the new museum.

They showed this too-a piece of furniture done in the Eastern method of inlaying.

100 Years

One hundred years ago (actually 99 I’ve been told), WWI ended. France celebrated this event all over the country. One of these celebrations was at Notre Dame where a light show was done on the front of the cathedral. I just arrived back in Paris, had jet lag, and there was a 90 per cent chance of rain but I decided to go anyway for the 8 PM show as you never know when something like that will be done again. There was, as you might expect, a huge audience and I arrived just as it was started. I couldn’t move once I arrived so every one of my photos has an ugly traffic sign in it but it was great.

There was music and voices but I could barely hear it.

The Rose Window as the center of most of the light show.

At one point the image opened like a curtain to another light show behind.

Deset Garden

I am back in Paris but have this saved post from Arizona.

I’ve been reading about the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden for some time and the other evening Maurice and I went there right before sunset to escape walking around in the sun and hoping to get good light for photos.

There was a butterfly pavillion and we saw many, including this one with neon green in its wings. I was surprised to be able to see the screen behind it through the wings.

The best shot I got with evening light with one of the McDowel Mountains in the background.

Cactus all over the place, planted there along well tended paths.

Pretty architectural details.

Strange sajuaro head-not often seen.

Art work in the light after the sun set.

I would love to be here when they do Christmas lights.

There was a full moon although this sort of looks like the sun. One of these days I hope to get a good shot of the moon with my iPhone.