Life in Paris

Once again I have a mix of photos, things I’ve seen as I travel around Paris.

A pile of stones used to pave streets in Paris. They seem to be returning to the old way for making streets. After the 60’s when there was a student uprising and stones were pried up to throw at police, the streets were paved over with asphalt but there seems to be a return to these.

I went to la Defense the other day to talk to an artist who is painting a huge outdoor installation outside this building which is almost finished. La Defense is known for its outdoor art-in fact there are 67 monumental outdoor works of art there, the largest in France.

Here is the artist,Guillaume Boltazzi, with some of his work behind him. He was very friendly and approchable and was especially great with some children who were there showing them his paint and paint brushes. Note his paint covered jacket. He wears earphones as he paints and listens to music while working. I have to go back in a month or so and see everything finished.

An unusual tower at la Defense, one of many.

Yesterday was Beaujolais Nouveau Day when a special young wine comes out which you can taste and get an idea of what is to come in a few years. It’s not my favorite wine but Maurice and I always get a bottle or two. Many bars have it and there is a bit of a party atmosphere.

A mix of photos from the last few days:

The Moose has been around for years. As you can see, it’s a good place to go to watch sports. I’ve never been inside, to tell the truth.

Some nicely padded chairs outside a restaurant called Schmuck which, I believe, means snack or something similar, not a word to call someone you don’t like.

A famous, and very expensive, hat shop where hats are made by hand.

This statue was in the Luxembourg Gardens and I was surprised it had moss on it. Everything is usually immaculate in the park.

Isn’t this a cute little dog? He or she belonged to a homeless guy. I think he would have gone home with me if he could have.

A few photos I took on a long walk the other day. I purchased a Fitbit when in the States and I keep trying to get up to 10,000 steps each day.

It’s very common to find fruit and vegetable shops around Paris. There are four on one short street near our apartment. This one is one of the nicer ones I’ve seen in the Left Bank area.

Part of the arches in the covered shopping area of Palais Royale.

A pretty Art Deco door I saw.

Some sort of photo shoot was being done in the Palais Royal and I got a shot of the model from behind.

A tile mosaic of the Mona Lisa. I like it.

You can sit outside with the smokers on the terraces of cafes when it isn’t raining.

I went to the Marais area of Paris to meet a friend at the newly opened and finally finished after five years, Picasso Museum. The morning weather forecast predicted 100% chance of rain and it was right. I thought this might cut down on the number of people wanting to visit but if it did, I couldn’t tell, so after seeing what looked like at least an hour wait even though we were there thirty minutes before opening we decided not to wait in the rain and headed down the street for an early lunch along with a warm place out of the rain. We did see a lovely building on our way.

Here it is from the street. I don’t know if the leaves were more spectacular earlier in the month or not.

And I loved this window.

A lamp by the door.

I read about the new Louis Vuitton Foundation while I was in the States and was looking forward to seeing it when I returned. It’s a new private museum with very modern art and also a cultural center and the architect was American Frank Gehry. It’s next to the Jardin d’Acclimation in the Bois de Boulogne in the 16th. Underneath it is rectangles piled on each other but on the outside it is covered with glass which look like sails. There are 11 galeries, a huge auditorium and, of course, art. It is not my type of art at all. I sort of stop at Picasso and even he is too modern, and prefer the older art but the building is worth the visit to look at even though there is a lot of controversy about it but, then, the pyramid at the Louvre had the same thing.

It’s very easy to find as you exit the les Sablons metro stop on line 1.

It sort of looks like a glass arc as you approach from a distance.

The Louis Vuitton logo is on the outside entrance. It will one day be given to the city of Paris.

The restaurant inside. It is very small and there was a long line waiting to get inside when I was there.

There are many terraces starting on the fourth floor with fantastic views.

A look at art in the lobby, a giant rose.

A lake outside the museum in the area for children.

We have returned to Paris. It seems like we have been gone for months instead of just six weeks. It was nice to get back home to our own bed and things and a TV without Fox News and political commercials. I made a trek to the Marais to meet some friends and got a few photos.

There is a hat maker in the Village St Paul.

An antique shop had this set up outside.

I’m glad we had a sunny day to see Place des Vosges.

Puppy dog in the door of a shop belonging to the shop owner.

I love the lamp posts at the Place des Vosges, prettiest park in Paris.

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