Life in Paris

This old passage, where I saw a display of umbrellas hanging overhead, used to be mostly business offices but it has gotten more interesting than the last time I was there.

A shop selling knitting supplies.

Like these.

A cat in a shop window waiting for someone to come open up the shop and feed it.

A little play on words in the small cafe, pas sage means not wise.

It sold slices of ham from legs like this one hanging in the window.

I wasn’t the only one who noticed that cat in the window.

I saw someone else’s photo of some umbrellas hanging overhead in a passage, Passage du Grand Cerf, and headed there to take some photos.

They started half way down the passage.

It turns out that they were an artistic display done by this umbrella shop.

A closeup of sorts.

From one end.

From the other end. This was taken into the sun as it streamed in from the glass ceiling and I liked the way it made the umbrellas glow.

On the way to take photos of a passage, I passed some interesting things, mostly to do with flowers.

I tried to get an interesting photo of the metro train passing overhead but this was what I got.

I was near Rue Montorgueil and one of the side streets looked like this. The paving stones in this area make everything look beautiful.

A restaurant with pretty flowers over the windows.

I’ve seen several walls of plants but they usually are all green. I liked the flowers in this one.

I was gone quite a while visiting friends and family in the States and, of course, while it was great, it was wonderful getting home.

I arrived in the morning and after unpacking and taking a much needed nap, Maurice and I went for a walk on Promenade Plantée. It was a beautiful sunny Sunday and, as you can see, we weren’t the only ones out enjoying the day.

I think I missed the wisteria but the iris was in bloom.

As were the rhododendron.

I’m not sure what these little flowers were but they sure caught my eye. Ah, Spring in Paris.

The other evening we joined some friends at a restaurant that had a charming interior but the food was very disappointing. I hate when that happens. It even had good reviews on Trip Advisor. Go figure. (le Gorille Blanc, if you want the name.)

See? Isn’t that pretty?

A very inviting ambience.

Isn’t this window selling kids clothing cute? It was in the Marais close to where we ate.

We walked over to Place des Vosges looking pretty at night.

The park there was closed for the night.

I went with Maurice to the American Embassy for him to apply for a visa but because I didn’t have an appointment along with him, they wouldn’t let me in. So I walked around the area a bit-it’s right off of Place de la Concorde-then went into WH Smith and bought a book and decided to head home.

The famous Hotel Crillon is having a huge renovation and is going to be closed at least two years. They put up some art over the scaffolding so you don’t have to look at ugly construction.

The pretty park right across the way. The sun was shining, the trees were blooming. It was a really pretty day.

That horseman holding flags is on top of the Hermes building. I’m not sure why. There is a lovely garden up there but I don’t think I’ll ever be invited to see it.

I thought these stockings/socks and shoes were interesting. There were across the street from Hermes in the window of another shop. Maybe Prada? Anyway, the last time I wore some shoes similar to those-remember Candy clogs?-I fell down some stairs and my then toddler son came over and asked me if I had an “owie”. I sure did. Nothing broken, just bruised. I never wore the shoes again.

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