Life in Paris

I love looking in windows as I walk through Paris (I wasn’t too far from Place Vendome but I’m not sure which street I was on). You can always see really wonderful things.

Like this cake at a place called Nina’s.

Nina’s also sells this tea made from ingredients from Versailles. Maybe Marie Antoinette drank something like it once. Who knows?

Pretty perfume bottles.

Isn’t this a great name for a shop that sells clothing for little girls?

Not a window, but some etched glass that I saw as I came out of a restroom in a cafe.

Not a window either but you can see through this enormous bubble. I’d love to know what the mix is to make them.

You can find brocantes just about every week-end in Paris and we went to one under the subway train tracks one Sunday to check one out.

And here it is spread out under the tracks on a cold windy day.

Right across the street from le Monde, a well known newspaper in France.

We ended up buying this desk so Maurice doesn’t have to write on his computer while it’s on the coffee table.

I love French writing like what you see here in a large document of some sort for sale. The writing always looks so elegant. I think Maurice has very elegant hand writing too.

This guy was for sale too.

Afterwards we had a nice lunch at a nearby restaurant and Maurice and I shared this dessert. It’s one of those chocolate cakes that are hot and oozy in the middle.

I love walking around the Left Bank of Paris. As you might expect, it’s full of interesting things to see.

The Mariage Frères Tea shop is selling this. I think it must have been put out for Martin Luther King Day but I could be wrong.

This is La cour du Commerce-Saint-André, a little street that is partly covered and hasn’t been repaved, it looks like, in centuries.

Inside a private courtyard. Should my ship come in, I would buy an apartment here, although I imagine these places stay in families for generations.

I like to watch the bakers in the window of Paul’s. This guy dropped one of the loaves as we watched.

Blankets, should you get cold out on the sidewalk while eating. They also had overhead heaters.

I don’t really have a theme going here, just a few photos that were actually all taken around the Latin Quarter and Notre Dame where I met an Internet friend.

It’s hard to get shots like this unless it’s pretty early in the morning.

Sine it is freezing or below these last few days I’m starting to think these aren’t real but they are pretty.

Notre Dame when the sun came out to light it up.

A little tea shop has this unusual sitting area out front.

See-you can wind the seat up or down.

A statue of Charlemagne in front of Notre Dame.

Notre Dame reflected in a puddle.

Here is a mix of photos from a day out in various parts of Paris.

The sun came out and lit up Île de la Cité and the Seine.

There are still locks in every possible place, especially on the Pont des Arts. There are plans a foot to get rid of all of them. Hopefully, one day, it won’t be a trend.

A pretty entrance to a courtyard.

The old section of the church, St Julien de Pauvre.

I always find this architecture interesting. It’s in the Latin Quarter.

I have a friend here in Paris right now who used to live here (in fact in our very apartment) with her husband. They took us to a cute little neighbourhood restaurant years ago and we decided to once again have dinner there. It was as good as we remembered, packed with French people and we arrived at 7:30 PM because they needed our table at 9:30. It’s a place you wouldn’t find just walking around. It’s not in a trendy area and is on a tiny street easy to miss.

I love the interior seen here without the crowd of customers as we arrived first.

They’ve repainted since we here last. I think it all used to be red and yellow.

We all ordered steak and potatoes which comes out on a wooden plank. It was really delicious.

I took this photo of the dessert menu to show the forest cake with was done with oreo cookies. Interesting. It is easy to find Oreos in France now.

Maurice and I shared a baba au rhum, a cake with rum poured over it.

Seen from the outside looking inviting on a cold, rainy evening.

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