Seen in Paris

Seen around Paris on my last quick trip there. As usual, it’s architecture and a window.

The back of a museum.

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One of those unique tin roofs pretty common in Paris seen from the Picasso Museum.

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A closeup of a photo posted before. It was used to watch for enemies possible coming down the street-or so I once read.

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On Rue des Rosiers. People once had to go to public baths for showers and the like before plumbing was common. A clothing store is now on the bottom level. I don’t know if any of the original interior still exists.

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Here’s my window. Doesn’t it just get you? Flowers, shutters, open window.

Picasso Museum

While I was in Paris I made a trip to the Picasso Museum. I visited years ago when I first moved to Paris. It was closed for years for a renovation and I wanted to visit but the long lines the first week kept me away. I tried again a few months later but upon arriving at 10am found it wouldn’t be open until 11. It now opens at 9:30. So, on a rainy morning I tried again and got in. I’ve read that the setup of the collection is controversial and rather confusing and that there are many small rooms and dead ends with the art rather mixed up. I enjoyed strolling around myself. I especially enjoyed the architecture of the old section. I’m not a huge fan of Picasso. He seems to be a misogynist to be with an obsession with women’s breasts but I have to say that the written explanations on the walls around the museum gave me an appreciation of all he did. His early work before he started taking everything apart and sort of throwing it on canvas is interesting to see. He was very prolific and tried just about every medium available. Interestingly, he applied for French citizenship in 1940 but was turned down because he was a friend of an anarchist. I also read that he and a friend once stole two sculpted heads from the Louvre but returned them when the Mono Lisa was stolen. He lived in France with his Spanish passport for the rest of his life vowing not to return to Spain while Franco was in power.


IMG_1116[1] I saw this on a wall in the Marais near the Picasso Museum. I think it’s of Picasso. He always wore the French blue and white sweater. They are sold in the Museum shop for 80 Euros.

A lovely staircase.

I thought this was so beautiful.

Sort of a typical sculpture.

He didn’t do many landscapes. This one caught my eye because it was of a place called Royan which Maurice and I had just visited. He was inspired by Cezanne and they had a personal relationship. There is, in fact, one of Cezanne’s painting from Picasso’s personal collection, there in the museum. I have to say that I much prefer Cezanne.

A video I took of some metal sculptures by Picasso.

The Marais

There’s lots to see in the Marais, an ancient, well preserved section of Paris.

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The Swedish Cultural Center where you can get a bite to eat.

A beautiful store where you can buy chocolate.

The beautiful ceiling of a Jewish boulangerie in the Jewish section of Paris on Rue des Rosiers.

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The window of the boulangerie.

Ancient architecture of what was once a nunnery. I was taken with the clouds too.

Paris Architecture

As usual, I couldn’t take enough photos around Paris while I was there, especially of the architecture. It’s just so special.

A row of Michaelangelo sculptures in a row on a police station seen off of Promenade Plantee.

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The entrance to the Carnavalet Museum, some of which is closed for several years as it undergoes renovation.

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The symbol of Paris.

I’m always posting pictures of this garden inside the courtyard of the Carnavalet Museum.

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The Victory angel.

A Paris Party

We made a quick trip to Paris for the birthday party of Maurice’s fraternal twin grandchildren who have somehow become 19! How did this happen? I remember them when they were two which seems like it was just a few years ago. The party was at my daughter in law’s place which could be in a home decoration magazine.

She had a real sunflower next to these cool shoes under a glass dome.

Her building is right across the street from this gorgeous place.

Same building. I was taken by the shutters which curved around a window. I’ll have to see if I can see it without shutters on some visit.

She is lucky enough to have a terrace and it is full of plants including a rose bush. I couldn’t find a rose facing me but the back of a rose can be charming too.

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you have already seen this photo. It’s a popular hors d’oeuvres that I’ve had twice now at a French party and I’ve seen it in French cooking magazines. It’s called a Soleil Gourmand. You buy two premade puff pastry sheets (they come round in France but I seem to remember they are rectangular in the States) Spread one with whatever you would like, pesto, parmesan cheese, chopped olives, some sesame seeds, maybe garlic salt. The contents need to be spread flat. I made it with chopped ham and it was too lumpy and the contents fell out as it was eaten but it was good. Spread contents almost to the edge. Wet the edge with water then put the other pastry sheet on top and seal the two together. At this point it might be a good idea to refrigerate it as it is a little difficult to handle as it warms up. Put a small glass in the center and cut “rays”, about sixteen of them, then twist each ray a few times. (You obviously now remove the glass). You can then brush the top with an egg wash and sprinkle with more sesame seeds. Then bake at 350 until brown about 15 minutes or so. Guests then pull off a piece to eat. I’ve also had this as a dessert made with Nutella. It’s a good buffet type dessert.

New To Me

There is a French company that makes the famous green chairs found in parks around Paris called Fermob and they have a store for the oublic where you can find more than just green chairs. I was interested to have a look at what was sold there.

The exterior.

Small models if you want one for your own garden or terrace.

These little birdhouses were to hold keys with a specially made key ring. The birds were actually whistles.

A selection of colors.

Decorative items.

And a pretty courtyard seen inside the store. I wish I had a terrace to put furniture on here in Paris so I could decorate it with some of what I saw in this store.