Eating (in Paris)

You can never run out of places to eat in Paris. Not only are there the established centuries old places, but new ones pop up all of the time. Just on one street in the Marais, rue du Roi de Sicile, one street up from Rue de Rivoli and the Saint Paul metro stop, I saw four new places from the last time I was on this street.

This little place sells popcorn. It was started by the American actress, Scarlet Johannson, and her French husband (not for long, I read). I tried some of the cheddar popcorn. It’s just popcorn, I can’t get too excited, and it wasn’t hot either. Also, six euros for a small bag is a bit steep.

I was strolling along a couple of days ago and this sign for a restaurant caught my eye. It is obviously a Jewish restaurant. I looked it up when I came home and it serves Israeli food and had good reviews so a friend and I went to try it a few days later. Tavline means spices. The chef trained in France and worked with well known chefs and has returned to his roots with a fresh take on Israeli cuisine.

The modern interior. I liked the floor and the light fixtures.

This is some fish on top of lentils with pomegranate seeds scattered on top. They gave a really nice crunch as you ate this really good dish. The eggplant was wonderful with a smoky taste and the focaccia was delicious.

Just a few doors down was She’s Cake, a cute little place selling cheesecake. The chef and creator is a female (thus the She in the name) and her photo was on the wall.

Hard to choose. My friend and I shared a banana rum cheesecake. It was good but I couldn’t taste any rum. A very nice shop and they have cheesecake dishes for lunch that aren’t sweet.



A Pretty Day

I went out the other day just intending to pick up a few things and come back home but it was such a pretty day that I set out on a little walk enjoying the sun and fresh air.

I usually take photos of this building in the Marais from the front but it’s also lovely from the back.

A view of Île Saint Louis from across the Seine.

Some mosaic graffiti on the side of a shop selling wine.

These looked good. I think there were apples inside. They were really big too, larger than your average cookie.

As you can see by the reflection of my iPhone , I look a photo of this painting through a window. It was a shop on Île Saint Louis and it was full of really great paintings.

On the weekends the bridge between Île Saint Louis and Île de la Cité behind Notre Dame is very lively. On this Sunday there was an accordion player, a puppeteer and this piano player. The whole area was packed with people, mostly tourists I think.

le Marais

The Marais, a very interesting and ancient area of Paris, is just a short distance by metro from our apartment.

The entrance to the Hotel de Sully, once a mansion.

Part of the courtyard behind the mansion.

Continue on through the courtyard to the back door in the garden and you enter the Place des Vosges with it’s fabulous architecture.

A waiter taking a cigarette break on the street.

A view down a street of the Saint Paul Saint Louis Church in the winter light.

Here it is up close. Lovely architecture.

Passage Vivienne

One of the prettiest covered shopping arcades left from years past is Passage Vivienne. So elegant and refined.

So beautiful.

I especially liked this corner. The doors to the left lead to a stairway and apartments. Wouldn’t it be great to live there?

A painting for sale in one of the shops. I’d love to know who it was.

This restaurant looked really inviting. It was still being set up for the grand opening when I look in the window. The designer shop Jean-Paul Gaultier used to be in this space.

Seen in a window. I took a photo of this years ago but have recently seen photos by others on instagram. You do wonder how the pigs got there and why they remain.

Looking Around Père Lachaise

When I was at Père Lachaise Cemetery taking a photo of Oscar Wilde’s tomb I walked around a bit taking photos of other tombs.

img_2637 The sun was about an hour from setting and there was great winter light.

img_2640 This pretty stained glass madonna was in a tomb right behind Wilde’s.

img_2642 This was on a tomb right next to Wilde’s. I didn’t check out the person but it looks like he was a writer for magazines or papers maybe.

img_2644 I wish the figure had been in the sun. Sort of spooky in a way.

img_2645 This is Victor Noir who has become a fertility symbol. Women rub his mouth and his “privates” and leave flowers hoping to have a baby. He was shot in a duel by a relative of Napoleon III in a dispute over an article in a newspaper that Noir had written.

img_2648 The view from the end. He looks all dressed for the opera, top hat and all.

White Christmas

Before heading to the States I made a quick trip to Galeries Lafayette to check out their Christmas tree. It is under their glass dome and is different each year.

img_2650 What you see as you enter the store in the perfume and cosmetic section.

img_2651 The other side. It was made of thick white paper by the way, as was the ferris wheel.

img_2654 Close up.

img_2657 The top from the fourth floor.

img_2656 I went to the fifth floor hoping to see everything from above and found the other side of the dome.

img_2658 So I went back to the fourth floor for this view below.

img_2660 The windows with viewing areas for children. It was polar bears also made of white paper.

img_2666 I took a bus over to Bon Marche just for this shot. They were doing a Christmas with snow theme.

img_2664 I liked their windows better last year. They had snow balls doing various things.