Life in Paris

I don’t really know how a lot of Parisians live, just a few, but I have some photos of a couple of apartments where we were recently and always find decorating fascinating so here are a few photos.

Lots of color here.

Fireplace. You can see the heavily decorated wall in the reflection.

A corner I liked.

This was another apartment. Many older, larger apartments have beautiful ceilings with molded elements like this. This French couple did continue in this vein in their decorations. They preserved the ceilings but their apartment was full of very sleek and modern furniture.

Beautiful handle on a window.

We ate in the very modern kitchen at this lovely table.

This was downstairs in the entry with a mirror reflecting the floor beneath. I couldn’t figure out a way to get myself out of the photo.

We had camomile tea and this saying was on the back of the tea bag package, saying something like sleeping with four ears which means to sleep really well, the usual saying being sleeping with two ears, the opposite of sleeping with one eye open. I’d never heard it before.

While walking along a sidewalk in the Left Bank looking at shops and windows I spotted an Italian Traituer selling food products and fresh food from Italy. I went in as I always find these places interesting. We have one next door to our apartment building but it isn’t nearly as nice as this one was.

The very nice looking selection of things to go.

The pizza looked really good to me.

As did these thick little quiches.

And look at this beautiful dessert. I had just eaten so didn’t buy anything, just looked.

It was fashion week in Paris and I saw this couple outside my coffee shop. I was taken with his pants. There were several very elegantly dressed people on the streets and very tall girls who I guess were models.

Strolling around the Left Bank-always a pleasure.

Hard to beat Palais Royal.

Ah, the sun and the blue sky. So nice after many gray days.

I love these fountains even though they weren’t running on this day.

A light fixture in the sun.

I revisited many places that I know since it was such a pretty day to walk around last week.

There are quite a few shops in Paris where you can mix your own perfume. I like the exterior of this shop.

The centre of Place de Furstemberg. A very pretty area.

Saint Germain des Pres Church looking lovely in the light.

Inside the church is this statue of Saint Anthony covered with graffiti. I’m surprised it hasn’t been stopped. Most of it is prayers, but not all.

You can be on the Right Bank of Paris, cross the Seine, and there you are on the Left Bank. The sky was blue when I got up this morning so I rushed out for some photos in good light.

I took this photo because the light was shining on that side of the street. It just made me happy.

This is an old street, now mainly a passage or alley that I love walking down. Every time I walk down it I find a new shop in place of an old one.

Cheerful colors for these tables and chairs set up outside.

He looks like an old fisherman and was, in fact, buying some fish.

I took lots of photos there in the Marais.

Very old doors.

The symbol of Paris on the gates of the Carnavalet Museum.

The lovely courtyard in the museum grounds.

The Victory Angel there-a little blurry.

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