Life in Paris

At the end of Ile de la Cité, right outside of Place Dauphin, are some interesting things.

This is King Henri IV, le Vert Galant, said to be quite the ladies man.

People are still putting locks on the bridges in any place that they can find. I wanted to go and tell them not to do it but didn’t. See the website no love locks to see why.

The end of Ile de la Cité. I’ve heard it’s a pick up site but it seems to be a good place for a picnic to me.

A Wallace fountain, of which there are many in Paris, given by Wallace to provide fresh drinking water to the masses.I need to find his tomb at Père Lachaise one of these days.

Further on from Notre Dame, heading in the direction of the Louvre but still on Ile de la Cité I found enchantment.

The oldest working clock in Paris (1535).

All of the chestnut trees in the middle of Place Dauphin were in bloom.

Pretty against the pink of this building.

The building to the right is having major renovation but you can’t see it due to the wonderfully painted cover.

I love wisteria, the sweet fragrance, that fabulous purple. In the past I have found some great vines in Paris so, on a very pretty day, I set out to where I had found it before. I only found a few rather sickly blooms. I guess this is one of those years where they aren’t doing well. It happens. In any case, being around Notre Dame, I enjoyed what I did find.

I found pink flowers blooming on a chestnut tree in front of Notre Dame.

This restaurant, Au Vieux Paris, right around the corner can have wonderful flowers on that wisteria vine but not this time. It’s a colourful place in any case.

This was in a window of a kitchen at the back of a restaurant seen from outside.

I love this sign.

I’ve never eaten there but it does look tempting.

This and That in Paris:

Metro entrance at Palais Royal made of hand blown Murano glass for the millennium.

Pyramid at the Louvre shining in the sun.

The pyramid was and is controversial but I do like how you can see the Louvre through the glass.

Most French eat their hamburgers with a knife and fork. The hamburgers cost about 20 Euros unless you go to Macdonalds.

A nice place in Montmartre that I want to try sometime.

On a beautiful day Palais Royal was full of people, like this lady with her bike.

The tulips are doing their thing.

Everyone was taking in the sun, except me who stays in the shade as much as possible.

The trees are now covered in green leaves.

The weather has turned fabulous here in Paris and the parks are full of people enjoying the sunshine.

This is Bercy Park next to our favourite movie theatre.

I love reflections in water.

Closeup of a flower there with no filter used.

In the heart of a flower.

Just a few of the people there having a picnic.

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