A few more photos of the brocante I visited near Pere Lachase.

Lots of silverware to be seen.

There was an interesting booth selling beautiful items from Japan and China. This was a set of instruments used by a surgeon. How’d you like to see that spread out if you were a patient? It was centuries old.

A lovely set of cups and saucers made by a French company whose name I can’t remember at the moment. My friend said I should go to the company where they make them not to far from Paris and buy seconds for a smaller price.

Aren’t these cute? It’s hard to find a full set but I decided against it. I did buy some cute glasses for serving after dinner drinks. They didn’t cost much so if I break one I won’t be sick.

Lookin’ For Bargains

There was a brocante near the Pere Lachaise cemetery so a friend and I took a look after a good Thai meal in a nearby cafe. The brocante was a really good one with lots of variety and reasonable prices.

I liked these froggy planters but I really don’t have a place to put them-plus, I will be moving soon. Do I really want two more things to pack?

A stuffed bear waiting for someone to love him.

I loved these leather books. They look so rich. There was even one in French on Churchill.

There are almost always picture frames for sale. I find it hard to buy a frame and then find something that will fit inside.

Dogs,Cats and a Bird

I love dogs. I think I would have one if I didn’t live on the fourth floor of a building with no elevator or have to walk it at least twice a day. I guess I’m just getting too old and cranky. They almost always make me smile though. Parisians sure do love their dogs.

Someone loved this dog enough to put it on the tomb.

I’ve seen dogs do this but never a cat. He or she just sat on the sidewalk in front of a store probably looking at the owner. Everyone just had to step around him. I was hoping no one would step on his tail.

These three dogs were tied up in front of a post office. I wondered if they all belonged to one person. Surely three dog owners wouldn’t be in the post office at the same time and I’m not sure if three dogs would sit together in a friendly way if they didn’t live together.

This man was carrying his African Gray Parrot around in a small little container with the door open. When we expressed interest he brought the parrot out to show us and let the parrot give my friend a “kiss” which looks like it is biting but was actually a little squeeze. The man said the parrot could talk but I never heard a word.

Visit to a Small Cemetery

Almost any time I’m up in Montmartre, I make a quick visit to the small St Vincent’s Cemetery. It’s petite, quiet and full of ambiance.

Don’t let your dog run around there.

You see lots of weeping goddesses in French cemeteries.

I’ve probably taken a photo of this before but I like seeing it through the broken glass.

A gentleman is buried here.

Yet Even More Montmartre

Some more random shots taken here and there in Montmartre.

A flowering tree in front of the Lapin Agile.

I love this street curving its way up the hill.

If you don’t like the color of your scooter, paint it a different color or, in this case, colors.

Love this round window.

That Red Clay

I don’t think there is a more stunning place to watch tennis than Roland Garros, home of the French Tennis Open even if the surface is no longer really red clay but crushed red bricks over white limestone. Maurice and I both like to watch tennis although neither of us play anymore and have been to Roland Garros quite a few times since moving here (and I’ve posted about it serveral times too). Seeing that red clay surface while sitting in the green stands is a great feeling when you have watched televised matches for years. I haven’t been to Wimbledon yet but would like to one of these years. The tennis got rained out the day before I went but there was sunshine for me, thank goodness.

You see this sculpture as you near one of the big stadiums. I am sure people living then would be really surprised if they could see what the women players are wearing now.

A view of some of the grounds as you look down from one of the stadiums. There is talk of moving the French Open elsewhere as the players are complaining that it is too small. I personally would hate to see that happen. Versailles or the area out by Disney Paris have been mentioned as possible places but I read that the Paris mayor hopes to get permission for the grounds to be enlarged. It is along side a very beautiful park and they don’t want to give up their land. Plus, what would they do with Roland Garros once the tennis open wasn’t there?

The view from my seat.

Some of the people working there wore the cutest outfits. I thought they looked like something out of the 20’s. I especially liked the shoes that the women wore.

Serena Williams serving. She won this match and is still in the Open but her sister, Venus, has been defeated. Venus was wearing a rather controversial outfit which she designed that looked sort of like a corset with a skirt and had lace. What had the photographers (male) interested was her fleshed toned tennis panties underneath which gave the illusion that nothing was there-which she said was her intent. I think there were more comments on what she was wearing than how she played.