Snow, We’ve Got It

I’m sure most of you know that France has been having a lot of snow (England as well). It hasn’t been too difficult to live with although I wish the street cleaners with their brooms who are no where to be seen when it snows, would show up with shovels. The snow gets clumped up with people walking in it, then it freezes at night, and it’s sort of dangerous out there. The other day half of the flights leaving CDG airport were cancelled not because of the snow but because they didn’t have enough of the de-icying fluid. Who in the world is responsible for ordering that? They should be fired. I felt the same way when I went into a Sephora’s for some perfume and there wasn’t any of the brand that I wanted. The shelves all looked a little bare. Didn’t they realize that Christmas was coming and that they would need a larger supply? I guess my inner boy scout just gets upset when people aren’t prepared. Anyway, here are a few photos taken last week when we got the first heavy snow.

A little chilly if you need to sit down.

The view up the street that goes in front of our apartment building.

I love branches with a covering of snow.

A Quiet Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve seems to be a bigger deal here in France than Christmas, at least when it comes to eating. About five in the evening Maurice suddenly jumped up and said he would be right back, that he had to buy something. After he left I was hoping he didn’t decide to go buy a Christmas tree but he came home with two boxes of chocolate candy-just what I need. It was just Maurice and I for Christmas Eve but we went all out in our own way.

Oysters are always a must. Maurice bought a dozen. I’m not such a fan, although I will have one now and then. I just had some shrimp.

Oyster closeup. Maurice adds a mixture of chopped shallots and vinegar to his. Maybe it sort of “cooks” it like ceviche, although he eats it immediately.

You’ve got to have foie gras. I sprinkled a little sea salt on mine. When I moved to France I didn’t think I liked foie gras but then some came on a salad that I ordered and I discovered that it has a fabulous sweet taste and I’m a convert now.

We had champagne too-Veuve Cliquot-which is usual. Notice the orange covering on the bottle. It’s like a little orange coat that zips up that keeps the champagne cold. It came with it when we bought it.

Edible Christmas

Pierre Herme has to have the best Christmas windows this year. At least of the ones I saw. I didn’t get out much this December but when I did I was looking for signs of Christmas.

I love red, especially at Christmas when it looks so festive and I liked this tree decorated with macarons, Pierre Herme’s specialty.

I wouldn’t mind having these hanging around my apartment.

To all of you who visit me and read what I have to say and look at my photos-a priceless gift for me-I would like to say thank you and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

Christmas at Saint Sulpice

I went into the church of Saint Sulpice expecting to see the creche from Sardina that is usually there at Christmas but it’s not there this year. I like to wander around this church.

At the back of the church is this magnificant sculpture of Mary by Pigalle.

The lights were decorated with cloth-rather elegant.

The creche this year. The baby Jesus hasn’t arrived yet.

The fountain outside was lit up in various colors. There is a Christmas market there too but it’s smaller than last year.

Lights in the Park

I was on Rue du Rivoli right across from the Tuleries Garden when I saw the lights of a carrousel and decided to cross the street and take a look. It has been snowing in Paris but it warmed up a bit and there was slush left on the ground so I squelshed my way to the carrousel took a photo and then noticed that the ferris wheel was there again, as it is every December.

The carrousel looking rather forlorn. It sort of reminds me of the lamp post in Narnia sitting in the snow. It was a little chilly for a ride.

As seen through the trees.


Notice the obelisk in the middle. The ferris wheel looks Christmasy to me.

Once again I have sunk into my Christmas blues. I wish I knew where it came from. I know it started when I got divorced and just found the whole holiday season down right depressing. I haven’t even put up a tree or hung a wreath on the front door. Part of it too, if I am being truthful, is that I hate shopping for gifts. Why is that? What does it mean? I find it so stressful and have trouble finding gifts that I like to give to others. Is it genetic? Am I putting to much pressure on myself? I have a friend arriving from the States on Christmas day and I am looking forward to that, and the end of the Christmas season for that matter. Scrooge doesn’t have much on me.

French Comfort Food

It’s cold here in Paris with snow on the way and like any other place that gets cold weather, comfort food is the norm. One of the dishes served in France (not macarroni and cheese or chili) when it’s cold is Pot au Feu which is a boiled beef and vegetable dinner. It’s very good. We went with a friend to a restaurant near her apartment called le Roi de Pot au Feu where this dish is a speciality. It’s small and crowded-luckily, no longer smokey-and the table are covered with the famous French red and white checked table clothes with napkins to match.

Behind the bar. They had a collection of cows too.

The ceiling.

Here it is. I actually had a salad with the beef on top with a few vegetables and vinaigarette which I love. The waiter wasn’t happy with me though. He said I needed a hot dish on such a cold night. It was so good that I think I will go back for lunch and have it again.

Only red wine is served. It was inexpensive and very good-mild.

My friend putting mustard on her plate to eat with the beef. Most French people use it with meat. I do know one French person who doesn’t like it and I know two Frenchmen who don’t like cheese, so there you go.

The finished product. Maurice likes to eat the marrow of the bone. He says it’s the best part. I haven’t tried it yet but I probably should. I didn’t think I liked fois gras but I love it now.

We did a little food staging for this photo.