Marais Architecture

On a Saturday with sun and rain said to be on the way, I got out to walk around the Marais. It is full of ancient architecture.

An old street sign back when names were carved into walls. The Marais is now in the fourth arrondissement, not the twelfth.

My favorite door.

There is a great castle there. It is undergoing renovation and I look forward to seeing the inside.

Inside what is called Village Saint Paul. It was once full of antique shops but only a few remain now.

The walkway to the street.

See the wooden shutter looking squares under the windows? There used to be little spaces behind these where people put their milk and other objects to keep cool before refrigerators. Our place has one that was open to the air and which we covered to keep out cold or heat or bugs. When we didn’t have a refrigerator for a week I was putting things out on our window ledge to keep them relatively cool.

Places and Faces

Thought I’d try a different title from This and That. A few photos all from the Montmartre area of Paris:

I’ve posted a photo before from this spot, one of the most Instagramed shots in Paris if you exclude the Eiffel Tower. It’s right above the Lamarck metro stop. Since I was there, I took it again.

They were having a fete celebrating Coquille Saint Jacques, or scallops. I got there when the place was heaving with people or I would have gotten some grilled scallops. Waiting in line behind 25 people is not for me so I went down the street and got a small quiche from a patisserie. These two ladies were selling books.

I posted some of the work by this artist not too long ago. Years ago I saw a photo he took from his apartment of someone taking a photo of his work in an alley in Montmartre. Back then he didn’t incorporate his hands. It is his real face which I guess he puts into plaster of Paris.

On the other side of the alley he has made himself a happy daisy.

A Long Walk

One day I decided to walk all the way from our place to the Garnier Opera House. It took a lot longer than I thought it would and I was really tired when I arrived-over five miles. It’s a great way to explore Paris.

Near République I passed Bataclan, a theatre just recently reopened after the horrible terrorist attack in 2015.

I don’t know why I’m surprised to see pastel coloured cafe chairs in Paris but I was.

An old time furniture restoration shop which doesn’t seem to have restored their exterior in some time. There was someone inside working away.

I took this the next day elsewhere. I love this painting. The arch is a reflection of an arch behind me and not in the painting.

Happy to see these white flowers blooming against a black wall.


We are starting to get Spring weather here in Paris. Maurice and I took a long walk the other day and here are a few photos of what we passed.

It’s not every day that you see a stuffed bear in a window.

We passed the famous restaurant, la Tour d’Argent. One day I may have a meal here.

This was a cute sign on a wine shop on Ile St Louis.

Au Nom de la Rose. A flower shop that only sells roses.

I don’t know what flavor these orange desserts were but I’d love to have a piece-or two.

I don’t know if this was bike storage or not. All I could think was that it sure would hurt your back getting it in and out of the window.

Art and Archetecture

There is an exhibit right now of the paintings of Mary Cassatt, an female Impressionist from America who came to France to make her way. She was friends with many of the French Impressionists, especially Degas who even did part of the background of the painting used in the advertisements. She died in France. Her paintings are mostly of mothers and daughters, at least the ones seen here.

Seen on the outside of the Musée Jacquemart-André.

The museum was once a family mansion and it is stunning as you can see by this staircase.

A look down at the garden room.

Lunch followed at a nearby café. I loved the interior.

Neat bar too.

Just a short distance away is this interesting building built by a Chinese gentleman selling Chinese imports. It’s called The Pagoda.

I was taken by the light on the newly renovated Saint Augustine Church.


Colorful Street

A short walk from the Gare de Lyon is the colourful rue Cremieux, very popular on Instagram. In fact, we met four girls while there who were taking photos for Instagram. We joined them.

On the way there we passed this entrance to a hotel. There was another typical  hotel entrance next to it. I don’t know where this door goes to. I liked the painted trees there. One of the pipes isn’t real either but painted to look like the actual one, Trompe l’oeil as the French say.

Here we are at colourful Rue Cremieux and look!!! Blue sky! I’ve posted on this street before but here you are again.

A little wysteria even when it isn’t the season for it.

Painted bird with shadow, window too.

Jumping cat. I don’t know who came up with the idea to paint the exteriors but I do like it.