Paris Shots

Not doing much writing about Paris these days but I always take photos.

On a door in the Marais. If this doesn’t keep away evil spirits, I don’t know what will.

The boulangerie in our neighborhood sells these delicious looking quiches along with those sandwiches seen below and also some meals you can microwave at home. There are always tons of people in line at lunchtime to buy lunch.

And, of course, desserts are always available. I manage not to buy any for the most part.

This is an old map showing India, and to the south next to the ship, the Maldives. Maurice is taking me there for my birthday for one week. Photos show it to be one of those beautiful places with turquoise water and white sand. We will be there a week. Many photos to follow, I’m sure.

Here and There

A mix of photos here and there in Paris:

A famous restaurant in the les Halles areas for many years called Au Pied de Cochon, sort of translated as at the foot of the pig. They are known for their onion soup which I have had and it was really good.

As you can see these rats were caught-and stuffed-in 1925 in the les Halles area. There was a huge outdoor market there years ago and one of the reasons it was closed and moved elsewhere was because of the garbage and rat problem. They put a mall in its place unfortunately. These rats are in the window of an exterminator.

Sometimes you see a huge truck delivering flour via a hose (sort of like a gas or oil truck) into the kitchen of a boulangerie. This one had sacks delivered.

Seen one night in the window of a shop lit by only a lamp.

In the Louvre

After I saw the current Vermeer exhibit in the Louvre Museum, I walked around a bit in areas I usually don’t visit (Mona Lisa for instance). The Louvre is vast and full of only some of its treasures.

Joan of Arc hearing the voices that lead her to don armor and lead men into battle.

Next I wandered into the Napoleon III apartments. It was very luxurious. This light fixture was at the top of some stairs.

There was gilding on just about every ceiling and many chandeliers.

More gilding, lots of royal red.

Dining room. Not very intimate. I’m sure they had a smaller one for just family.

There are many great views as you walk around the Louvre. This was from the second floor. In the summer you can eat out on that terrace.

Morning Walk

Maurice and I walk just about every morning unless I get up really early and walk with a friend. Sometimes I want a change from the usual, though beautiful, Promenade Plantée and I wanted to get a photo of Spring flowers with the Eiffel Tower in the background on a day of sunshine (rain was expected the next day) so we took a metro which was packed with people on their way to work to the Eiffel Tower and then walked to Concorde from there before taking a metro back home.

Pretty pink flowers everywhere.

These yellow bushes are everywhere, all over Paris.

This girl was having photos taken. I noticed that her gown matches the pink flowers in the tree above her.

We walked right along side the Seine up to Pont Alexander III, the prettiest bridge in Paris.

Then went up to the street level to cross it and on down to Concorde.


There is an exhibit right now at the Louvre Museum of Vermeer and other Dutch painters. I love his art so determined to go. Even though I had a ticket for 2 PM, there was a 45 minute wait in a line as they were trying to keep crowding down. Of course, it was crowded even so. Most of the paintings are small and I was glad I’m tall so I could look at them over the heads of the crowds. I was only able to get close to some a few times. I’m sure the best time is to come as soon as they open.

The lobby of the Louvre under the pyramid. The silver tube in the middle of the stairs is an elevator.

There are two covered courtyards where sculptures are displayed. One has Roman, the other Greek.

A view out a window showing the top of the pyramid and a statue overlooking it.

Photos weren’t allowed so this is a photo of a book cover. This is called The Lace Maker. As I said, they had other artists displayed there-two that painted at the same time as Vermeer but, to me, they couldn’t compare to how he painted light.

The Astronomer. This is at the Louvre full time.

Eating in Style

I joined a friend the other day at a new place in Paris for lunch. It’s an Alan Ducasse restaurant called Champeaux, a modern take on the Paris Bistro with a railway theme going on too. It is under the new glass canopy of the les Halles shopping mall which was converted last year at an enormous cost. They have drawn in famous chefs and designers like Ducasse and Philippe Starck to bring in people to eat and admire. I’m not a fan of the les Halles area but it is near my favourite street, rue Montorgueil, and you can make a stop at the church of St Eustache. The food was good too.

One wall has those signs like you find in railway stations that go clickity clack when turning over letters to put up notifications of trains leaving and arriving. In this case it had menus and various announcements.

We had their speciality, souffles, one asparagus, one cheese. Very good.

And we shared this pistachio souffle with caramel ice cream to insert into the hot middle of the souffle.Yummy.

The cute bartender with his chic hat.

This sculpture, l’Ecoute, is nearby outside of the St Eustache Church.