I had an unfortunate accident with my computer when it froze and we made the mistake of unplugging it to try and get it going again (we read it on Google). I will never do that again. I went a whole day with the screen black and when I tried to turn it on the next morning it came on but I couldn’t access my usual area. Maurice’s son was able to get most of my computer back to normal although I lost half of the hard drive-but not my photos which I had backed up anyway. Well, it was a scare and I find myself using my IPad more until it all gets worked out. I’ve even been thinking that somewhere down the road that most of us will be using our IPhones exclusively for photos. It’s easier than downloading from a camera. Who knew all of this technology would come into our lives? Anyway, I was in the Left Bank area the other day and went into the Luxembourg Garden to look at there Autumn flowers. They are always great.

The fabulous Medici Fountain there.

There are always big urns full of mums.

The chairs there waiting for Parisians (or tired tourists) to sit in the sun.

This sculpture in front of the St Germain des Pres church caught my eye. I’m not a fan of modern art but I found this to be whimsical.

I’ve been to Eataly in NYC before and it is amazing each time, full of people shopping for Italian food or wanting to eat at the several places set up there. We went again and had a meal.

A look at just some of the crowd there. I think, by the way, that there will be an Eataly in Paris next year.

Pasta made while you watch.

This was one place to eat where we went. I didn’t like having to stand but there was a 45 minute wait at the other places.

We had this platter for lunch with Italian hams and cheese. Very good.

All sorts of fruit and vegetables for sale and, of course, pumpkins this being Autumn.

I just thought this was sort of artistic looking.


Here we are at our last stop before heading back to Paris-New York City, one of my favorite places to visit. I often think I could live here if I only had a lot more money.

This is where stayed, an apartment with Air A&B. It was a very nice apartment but with a huge long hall that we could have used for bowling.

I’m in love with the architecture of NYC.

We were lucky to have sunshine on the day we walked around Central Park.

One of the pretty bridges over a lake there.

A carriage horse happily eating some oats.

A fabulous flower arrangement in the Met. We were supposed to meet someone at the MOMA, the modern art museum but somehow I thought they met this museum by mistake.

One evening we needed ip in this bar called Blooms. It was a great place with a long wooden bar, free food to eat with your drinks and, something common in NYC, Irish bar keepers, one of which could have been an actor he was so handsome.

Maurice and I love college football and usually only get to see it on television the next day after a game in France. We went to one game in Arizona to see ASU play and it wasn’t a good experience. We were under an overhang and it trapped the hot air (it was in the high 90’s even though the sun had set) and made us very uncomfortable. A bad plus for me was that the noise was also trapped there. I fished around in my purse and found a pair of ear plugs from our flight on the airplane and used them. ASU was badly beaten to top it all. We made the mistake of taking a taxi both ways from my mohter’s house and with all of the traffic, it cost us a pretty penny. When we went to visit my children in Texas, my son, who went to TCU in Fort Worth, wanted to go to a game. After our former experience we weren’t too excited but we did and had a great time. It helped that we were in the open air and on the side of the stadium that was in the shade.

Before we went to the game we went to a barbeque place which allowed dogs on the terrace which was along the river. It looked good enough for a human to me.

A look at the field at TCU. Notice the people in the front of us holding up their hands. They are making the sign of the horned frog, the mascot of TCU.

Many of the girls were wearing cowboy boots with dresses or skirts-or shorts.

Another girl in boots. You can see her with the tailgate parties going on. We were parked in the main party area and people had tent coverings, grills going, drinks, mostly beer, radios to listen to the game and some had large TV screens. In fact, some people just set up chairs out in the parking lot and never went into the stadium, just watched TV or listened to the radio. Maurice was fascinated by it all and went over and asked a family if he could take their photo. When he told them that this was all new to him and that he was from France, they were amazed and stood up and shook his hand. One man said if anyone said anything bad to him, to let him know and he would take care of it. Maybe they thought someone would have a antiFrench thing. Later my son was having indigestion from that barbeque we had just eaten so he looked around for an older man who was grilling meat, asked him if he had anything to take and, sure enough, the man gave him some medication. A fun American experience.

In the copper mining area of Arizona are several towns which are now ghost towns. Many towns shut down when the copper ran out and every building became empty. Jerome was one of these. I remember driving up the mountain to look at it when I was in high school and not one building had a person in it. There were empty hotels and even an empty hospital, once one of the best in the country. Maurice and I were in the area as we headed back from our trip to Utah so drove up to take a look. Some time ago some hippie artists took over one building and the rest is history. Jerome is now packed with art shops, restaurants and hotels-and also tourists, lots of tourists walking around. Jerome is built on a very steep hill and stairs are sometimes required.

Looks like there are still hippies in town.

Here’s a nice way to run a business.

One of the hotels which gives you an idea of the look of the town.

His and her motorcycles. Lots of tatoos were seen too.

Not in Jerome, but Scottsdale. A sunset we saw the next morning.

I was really tired of hiking after the Delicate Arch but because the Landscape Arch wasn’t a long walk, I got myself out of the car and saw it.

Here it is from a distance.

The sun was sort of in the wrong place-I would have preferred to have had the sun shining on the arch but it’s kind of dramatic if you stand in the right place.

There were men up at the arch with enormous equipement to do a movie for IMAX as you can see. We saw them carrying really heavy things on sticks. It took four people just to carry one piece. The glamour of the film business.

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