Just regular life here on the beach. I took some photos to document it.

You can see by that dark strip on the sky above the ocean, that rain was on its way.

And we got it. It poured. The kite surfers were out in droves. It cleared up after long and we got sun.

This is my favorite house in our village. Wish there had been a blue sky to set it off.

Here is the front porch. Someone has a green thumb. The house has a huge yard, all fenced off so we can’t see much but what we can see looked well taken care of, and a lot of work.

Maurice and his grandson.

You seldom see such a well preserved Citroen Deux Chevaux. The cheerful yellow really set it off. They aren’t made anymore but you still see them everywhere putting along, being passed by newer, larger cars.

I have a mix of photos, some left from our trip to Bordeaux.

I wrote a bit about this on Facebook. It’s a photo of some bottles in a window of Ott Rose, said to be the best by many in the States. It is more expensive than wines I usually buy. I just as happy with a 4 Euro bottle to tell the truth with my discriminating taste. I asked a wine expert in a Parisian wine shop if it was the best and he shook his head and pointed to another bottle and said it was better. Ott just has really good marketing. Ott is a Provencal wine by the way by way of an immigrant from Germany. Marketing seems to be the way in many areas-just look at Louis Vuitton and its prices for instance.

A huge bottle of rose from Aix that I was surprised to see in a Bordeaux bar.

Alone for an hour with a two year old who only speaks French. The hardest part is that he’s two, actually. I have collected many toy trucks and cars through the years so I can keep most boys entertained for quite a while. And then there is the beach of course. He is Maurice’s grandson and we are having him with us for a few days. Oh, the energy of a two year old! Plus, he is learning to use the toilet and wants to give it a go every 30 minutes.

I was trying to get a magical shot of the water, the birds and the light this morning on my run but the sun wouldn’t co-operate and my lens isn’t good for what I want. I’m going to check out the one you can get for iphones one of these days.

Because I’ve got them, I’m going to post more photos of our time in Bordeaux. It really is a wonderful city.

A piece of ancient history left in a pretty square.

Bordeaux has a really extensive and well done tram system and you can see it stretching down towards the river. There are a lot of open spaces in this city.

On the corner right up the street from our hotel was a brasserie that I wanted to try and we finally ate there for our last meal. I love brasseries with that old time French ambiance. This one has been around for a long time.

I liked this glass behind the wine glasses.

Isn’t this a great corner? The food was good too and the staff very friendly.

Maurice and I made a brief overnight trip to nearby Bordeaux. It is such a beautiful city, full of golden stone architecture and lovely lanes. The 18th century was its golden age and such a fabulous job was done on the layout of Bordeaux although winding streets abound.

You can hardly walk down a street without finding a wine tasting bar or at least a restaurant all set up to offer tastings, mostly of the famous Bordeaux wine.

Maurice and I often drink a white wine from the Bordeaux region called Entre Deux Mers so this street sign caught my eye-between two walls. I wonder who came up with that name? I guess just about any small, narrow street could be called that.

Seen on an old door. What else would you put in this slot besides mail?

A look at the corner of a beautiful building.

This is certainly eye catching.

The title of an old black and white film, Arsenic and Old Lace but in French because, France. I didn’t see what they sold. Maybe antique cloth and lace?

I always thought yoga was supposed to be good for your body. I’ve always found it difficult, more difficult than it looks. I did a bit of it during my time at an exercise club. I never felt transcendental, closer to god, at peace, at one with the earth. I never got a jogger’s high for that matter. The other day it was raining so I thought I would do the yoga found on a TV station that we get here. It seemed pretty easy although there was a really long holding of the downward dog. Anyway, that night my lower back hurt, the next day the same but by that night I could hardly sit and when I went to bed I couldn’t find a comfortable position. Maurice gave me some of his inflammatory medication, I rubbed on some cream for pain and, finally, around 3 AM I fell asleep. I’m better today but still sore. I would go to a doctor but, of course, it is a holiday today. I think I’m going to recover but maybe I will give yoga a bye. I only have a few photos off of our balcony. We haven’t been getting out much except for excursions to the market and walks on the beach (you saw those jellyfish photos from that). I often see sailing lessons and I love to see the tiny boats for lessons for children. Yesterday I could see a big white sailboat out on the horizon and wished for a really great lens. I also like seeing boats through the little decorative squares on the railing so I did a bit of trying for some interesting photos.

This heavily edited photo shows the boat I could see. Can you see it way out there?

What I was trying to use to frame my shots.

I liked this one the best because of the cloud but can’t see the boat.

Another spectacular sunset with clouds.
So that was my exciting day.

I, of course, have many more photos that I took while in Sardinia so here they are:

One day we did a boat cruise that took us into some islands north of Sardinia called the Archipeligo of Maddalena. Here is a map in the city on the island of Maddalena which turned out to be charming.

Of course, being in Italy, I had to have a spritz cocktail.

A view of one of the streets in la Maddalena.

There was a man in the courtyard there with huge telescopes set up for viewing the sun which was having a big eruption. The man, very handsome and sort of Indiana Jones looking, had a name tag saying he was a doctor. And he may well have been with access to those large telescopes but I could put a name tag on my shirt and say I was a doctor too but I think he was, although he did ask for a donation to look at the sun. He said the eruption was three times the size of the earth.

Here is a look at just some of the beautiful water we saw.

This how many Italians, and my grandsons, eat their pizza-with french fries on top.

A good friend, almost 90, died while we were gone and his wife said the best way to remember and honor him was to have a glass of wine (he loved wine) in his honor while the sun set which we did.

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