This is where a number of people who read my blog stop reading. Life on a beach just can’t compare to Paris. Maybe I will go into my archives of my many photos and start posting them but maybe I will just post about my life as it occurs in real time. Sometimes not much happens here that is worthy of a photo or a blog post but I have a few recent photos.

This way to the beach.

Hollyhocks love blooming by the beach.

Sunsets aren’t usually very spectacular this time of year. Autumn seems the best time for that but this one isn’t too shabby.

I have been in Swizerland for over a week doing some baby sitting for five grandsons. It has been going well if you don’t count a lot of rain. Heading back to Paris and then to the beach.

View of Lake Lugano from a chinese restaurant.

The village below my son’s home.

Our train didn’t head back to Paris until late in the afternoon so we decided to try the London Eye, an enormous ferris wheel on the south bank of the Thames. It’s like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, a huge tourist attraction. We were there fairly early and the line wasn’t that long. Each car holds about 25 people, it moves very slowly and you get some great views.

Looking up from below. I read that they put the whole wheel together on the ground and then used a crane to pull it into position. All of the parts were brought by boat up the river.

View of Big Ben down below. I got a bit of the car below us just to show you what it was like. It wasn’t scary-very smooth, slow moving and no stops.

A look from the Westminster Bridge.

We walked a bit in the area across the bridge and I saw a glimpse of the London Eye. I had to stick my hand through a fence to get the photo, so it’s not the best shot ever.

I don’t know what this man does, but I liked his jacket.

After Eastbourne, we decided to spend a day and night in London-always a good idea. London was packed with tourists. There seemed like there were more than in Paris but I don’t think that’s true.

We stayed at the Montague hotel which was wonderfully charming and beautiful. This was their lobby.

I took this photo in our bedroom there because I liked the colors and how Maurice’s pants looked on the couch. My own fashion photo shoot.

We were near the British Museum.

With it’s stunning interior lobby.

A pretty exterior.

Wifi spots around London. They still have the red telephone booths too. I wonder how much longer those will be around since everyone seems to have a cell phone now?

The toilet is a loo here. I remember asking for a restroom years ago and getting a strange look.

Isn’t this a pretty store? It’s called Orla Kiely. She does clothing and interior design items. My daughter in law asked me to go there to get something for her. It’s in the Covent Garden area of London and it’s really a great area to explore, funky and fun.

I made a stop at the Twinings Tea Shop. It’s about as wide as this front, just an alley between shelves of tea. I bought two boxes. It’s not my favorite tea, Mariage Freres is, but they have lots of interesting flavors and it’s fun to go in and explore.

As you might have gathered by previous posts, Maurice and I love watching tennis. Last year we went to the coastal city of Eastbourne, England to watch tennis and enjoyed it so much that we went again this year.

The beach, which is one of those rocky ones called shingle in England, is wide and the tide goes out far. They had some wild flowers planted along the walkway so I had to put poppies in the foreground. There’s a nice pier in the background.

A tennis game underway. It’s grass, as you can see, for the warmup going into Wimbledon. It’s a very small venue and you often see players up close and personal walking around. Some will stop and give autographs, others zoom by as fast as they can so they won’t be bothered.

A little lady sat next to us one day. She and her daughter came ready to eat with sandwiches neatly packed into a container along with hot tea in a thermos. The lady was very talkative and told us that she had been coming here since 1954 and liked it much better than Wimbledon. I wished we had brought some hot tea too as we were really cold. When the clouds came out and the wind started blowing, it was very cold in the stadiums. Of course, when the sun came out, I roasted.

There was on open area where picnics were set up. Maurice and I ate a store bought sandwich sitting there but I admired the people next to us on a plaid blanket with a fancy wicker basket, real plates and champagne in real glasses. The lady wore an elegant dress and her husband a sport jacket-very stylish.

You could take a nap too.

So it’s been hot in Paris. Not like the summer a few years ago where temperatures reached 100 degrees, but 75. I’ve lived in Texas and Arizona so I know hot but when trudging along hot city streets, 75 degrees feels really uncomfortable. Don’t even get me started on the unairconditioned metros and buses. Anyway, I was with a friend and we saw a Mariage Frères, famous for their teas, and decided that some of their ice tea would hit the spot and, believe me, it did.

Look at this gorgeous dessert! We had eaten a filling lunch so passed on having a piece. All of their desserts are flavored with their tea.

A huge glass of ice tea with ice!

Loved the sink in the bathroom.

We sat by this open window with a cooling breeze blowing in and a Paris scene just beyond.

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