Daily Photo #6

Seen every morning in the clover down the hill from our house:

Can you see him? I don’t know why I call the rabbit a he. I’ve never seen a mate.

Not a great photo but I think you can see “his” long legs-what we would call a jack rabbit in the States, so named because they had long ears like a jack ass. He’s really huge, almost 2 feet high if you count his ears.

Daily Photo #4

A posting done and saved before I left for the States. I am sending this from beautiful Lake Placid and staying in a hotel overlooking Mirror Lake. It’s a gorgeous area. I am trying to keep up with everyone’s blogs but for some reason am unable to leave comments using my husband’s computer.

Someone had painted this mural on the side of a building in Valensole. I saw it the last time I was at the lavender festival there.

Daily Photo #3

Posts on life in France while I’m in the States. At the moment I am in Rhinebeck, New York, a delightful little town. We spent the night at the Beekman Arms, the oldest continually operating hotel in America. We made a quick trip to Rhinecliff last night to watch a spectacular sunset and have dinner at a place on the Hudson River. Perfect weather too.

The Melon Kid

I don’t know if my 3 year old grandson loves anything more than melons. He calls them canteloops and any time I talk to him on the phone he mentions them. The last time he and his family visited I had a big bowl all cut up ready to go and he started in on them immediately. The melons of Cavaillon in Provence are famous for their sweet taste and I think that’s why he always wants them when here. I’m going to have to find something else to feed him and his brothers when winter comes.

Daily Photo #2

Continuing a little series I’m doing while in the States.


I’m always fascinated by old clocks, especially sun dials.

Normally, I can’t always tell the time and I wonder what it must have been like hundreds of years ago when all you had was a clock like this or just the position of the sun in the sky.

This is on the same wall of a building as the sun dial, both in Aix en Provence.

Daily Photo # 1

I really shouldn’t call these posts to come daily as I’m not sure how often I will be posting, but I did some posts ahead of time for the two weeks while Maurice and I will be in the States. First in New York City to see some of the Tennis Open and then up into New York State and maybe even part of Canada for a week. I’m know I will have photos of that trip but I’m sure most people come here for photos of France so I’m going to do a photo or two for each posting while away with maybe a little story to go along with them.

Aix-en Provence

Aix has got to be one of the most beautiful cities in Provence. I love walking around the streets there.

The huge fountain at la Rotunde.

Two statues holding up a balcony on the front of a building on Cours Mirabeau.


When Maurice and I went to Malaysia-when was it, 3 years ago?-we bought a beautiful batik scarf. I’ve been meaning to get it framed every since then so we can see it on the wall. I was going to take it to a nearby city here in Provence for framing but while I was in the shop someone came in to get something framed and the owner told him he couldn’t do it. That made me wonder if he would ruin my scarf. I did all sorts of google searches for framers but could find one within a somewhat handy distance so I took the scarf to Paris to get it framed there. Maurice couldn’t believe I did that because it meant we had to get it back to Provence. It turned out to be a large and heavy object. Luckily for us, some friends who were driving to Provence from Paris to visit us offered to bring it to us. We found out later that they also went to BHV where it was framed and brought it to their home on a crowded bus with much difficulty. But, anyway, it’s here now and we finally hung it on the wall.

It not exactly something in the Provence style but the colors are. We have an eclectic decorating style anyway.