There is a smaller island thirty minutes by ferry from Ibiza called Fomentera. It’s rather rustic and said to be how Ibiza was fifty years ago. Ibiza is, in fact, starting to become very wealthy and on its way to becoming a Saint Tropez.

img_1684 A view of a small beach as we walked to it.

img_1690 Look at that water.

img_1697 Another lighthouse. It was at the very end of the island, very isolated.

img_1702 A lookout tower, used as protection by the inhabitants when those pesky pirates arrived. There were also some palaeolithic ruins nearby.

img_1703 The churches were also used as protection-no windows to break and climb through.

img_1705 And yet another lighthouse. Note the desert vegetation. Some areas have pine tree forests, but most are desert.

Exploring the Island

We drove around the island of Ibiza and saw some gorgeous scenery.

img_1649 We chanced upon a neat little restaurant while driving called Giri. It had an incredible garden with seating everywhere.

img_1655 I always stop for lighthouses.

img_1657 A small beach.

img_1668 Look at that view!

img_1669 I liked this sculpture against the ocean and horizon.

img_1673 Local church. Most have no windows as they were used as forts for protection from the many pirate invasions.

img_1667 Another view.



Maurice’s daughter has a place in Ibiza and kindly let us use it for a quick trip to there. It was our second time and we had great time. It is just coming to the end of the season for all of the giant clubs where all of the cool people go for music and, I’m guessing, drugs. I don’t like crowds or loud music so I guess I will never experience the Amnesia Club. Ibiza Town, the capitol, was full of young people with skirts up to here, tops down to there which made me feel like a fuddy duddy as I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I saw a skinny man in a turban and a mini skirt as well, a long time resident I was told. Anyway, it was fun to explore Ibiza which, by the way, has a fascinating history with governments by Greece, Rome, and even the Moors for 500 years. The muslim population was thrown out by the new Spanish government at the end.

img_1633 We stayed in the high, ancient part of Ibiza Town called Dalt Vila. It’s my favorite part of the city, full of interesting architecture and, my favorite,  doors and windows.

img_1634 Mellow Yellow.

img_1658 This place sold fruit juice and smoothies as you might imagine. It was also a nice restaurant at night with tables outside overlooking the harbor.

img_1664 Very Spanish looking. Ibiza, by the way, is a Spanish island.

img_1675 An inviting look into a restaurant.

img_1666 Graffiti on a door of a home that isn’t lived in.

img_1641 A look at the casual dress there. I need to get some short shorts with an elastic band to secure my iPhone.

img_1680 On the patio where we stayed. Autumn is pretty nice in Ibiza. We got hot quite a bit walking around.

An Easy Lunch

I was at a new to me street in Paris, Rue Daguerre, which is very similar to that street made famous by Rick Steves called Rue Cler, but without tourists everywhere. There were lots of places to eat and, especially, lots of places to buy food to take home-an easy lunch.

img_1608 Roasted chickens ready to go. I never buy them like this because they could have been sitting for a long time. I don’t like the taste or texture of chicken if it’s not hot off of the rotisserie.

img_1609 Potatoes roasted beneath the chickens.

img_1610 I saw that Mont d’Or cheese is now for sale. It’s wonderful baked in an oven and served with ham and bread but you can have it as is. Most French have cheese after a meal.

img_1611 Mushrooms have arrived with Autumn.

img_1612 Figs are everywhere.

img_1613 All of the sudden, there are plums too.

So there you have it-an easy lunch.


Inside Job

There is a red door on a little street on the Left Bank that has a special interior. A friend and I were sitting across the street a few years ago and saw a tour group enter and leave. When we asked the waiter about what was inside he gave us the code to get in. I’ve shown photos before of the circular  courtyard and how I wonder how the rooms are shaped that face the courtyard. My friend and I decided to enter as we passed and this time, a man was also entering and he let us into the courtyard which is usually blocked by a gate. We were there in the right place at the right time.

img_1594 Looking up from the courtyard.

img_1600 The gate that usually bars the way.

img_1595 As you can see, the angel has lost its wing being exposed to the weather.

img_1597 There wasn’t an elevator and the man who let up in climbed these stairs to the top, six floors.

img_1602 Nearby was this pretty oval window.

Best Deal in Town

There is a pharmacy on the Left Bank, Rue du Four to be exact (#26) which is said to have the best prices in town-not in medications but in items that mostly women like such as skin care products, shampoo, that sort of thing.

img_1585 Here’s the nondescript exterior. See all of those people? It was just packed, and always is, and it’s so hot inside with tons of people, narrow aisles, employees stocking shelves, it’s crazy. They do seem to have good prices so if I am nearby I will go in. I went in specifically for vitamins this time.

img_1584 This little guy was hanging out as his owner shopped.

img_1586 The tiny entrance to this boutique hotel always interests me. I’ve never managed to get inside but I’d love to.

img_1590 Love the colors.

How moving is often done in Paris if you don’t live on the ground floor-or some guys carry things up and down stairs.