Day Two in Venice


We walked and walked and looked and looked. No matter how manytimes you have been in Venice, it is still a delight. The nicest thing is the lack of traffic noise except for an occasional motor from a boat or the vaparettos on the larger canals. The streets are totally pedestrian except for men pushing carts for deliveries or picking up trash.


This is a common sight-walls that are no longer covered with plaster. Just old brick. There are buildings that were built as brick including some churches.

This is at back of an elegant women’s clothing shop. I’ve never seen anyone sitting there though.

Overhead an unusual statue of the Virgin Mary. I think she is pregnant.

A typical scene at a vaporetto stop with a gondola departing, a vaparetto arriving and the Rialto Bridge in the background. I was so annoyed with those two girls looking down at their phones instead of the beauty in front of them that I almost yelled at them. I restrained myself as I know it would have made no differnce and they probably would have flipped me off or something.


We are in Venice and not only that, we are here for a month! We are sharing an apartment with a friend and have all sorts of plans.

We didn’t get into Venice until after sundown so arrived in the dark, something new to me. I have to admit that I like going along the canals in the day time best but it was still lovely.

Behind our place is this private palazzo and they occassionally have parties there with these purple lights. I wonder if I could ever get an invitation despite my lack of Italian?

I love seeing windows lit up at night and these are especially nice.

There is a little bar next to our place that we really like so we went there as soon as we unloaded our suitcases for a spritz cocktail, very popular in Italy.

The bar has new ownership and a new bartender who was a showman, flipping things around and pouring from on high. We were told that he is one of the best bartenders in Venice.

Worth Another Visit

I met a friend at Gare de Lyon and since we were there we decided to have tea at the gorgeous Train Bleu.

As you can see, they were set up for lunch.

There are paintings high above of locations which trains from Gare de Lyon go. This one was Cassis. I wouldn’t mind being on a train headed there. It really is beautiful.

Our tea. We had the chai tea and it came with milk in it.

A side room for dining.

These were for sale there. Maybe I need some opera glasses trimmed in rhinestones.

After Lunch

After lunch which was on Rue du Bac we strolled down the street.

Here was a skirt made of folded newspaper in a rather upscale shop. I have no idea why.

We went into Deyrolle which is famous for its stuffed animals. Before they had zoos, stuffed animals were the way people saw wild animals. The animals here are said to be found dead, not killed. This photo is of the downstairs where they sell gardening objects and books and it’s called le Prince Jardiner.

They use these animals for photo shoots, movies and, I hear, big parties. Maybe I could rent one for my next party.

They have narrow drawers full of fossils, bugs and butterflies.

Even a giraffe!


The Flood

As you might be aware, the Seine River is up to flooding levels but, so far, the water is up only along the river and not into Paris itself. A few metro stops were affected and a lower section of the Louvre was closed as it is right next to the Seine but most of us weren’t affected. I read that the population of rats goes up with flooding but luckily I haven’t seen one. The other day I met friends for lunch and decided to go look at the Zouave statue which in normal weather is totally above the Seine. Once the water reaches the feet of the statue, you know the river is rising.

A look at the flooding. Normally you can walk where those trees are.

Here is the Statue on Pont l’Alma. As you can see, the water is almost to his waist.

A close up. If the level of water is at his head then there is a flood like the one of 1910 where streets around Notre Dame were full of three feet if water.

Next to the café were these beautiful mimosa with purple irises. I love yellow and purple together.

We ate here at the Café Varenne. My friend wanted to eat here because Ina Gartner has a place nearby and this is the first place they come when visiting Paris. I loved the interior-so Parisian.

My American friend had the profiterol for dessert. A very pretty dessert.

Another Wet Day

It has been raining a lot here in Paris. When you finally see a patch of blue sky and a bit of sun, there is rejoicing. I had a friend and her husband visiting here in Paris and gave them a walk around the Marais. I actually went to nursing school with my friend many years ago. She left that field and went on to become a travel agent and has traveled the world. We had to wait until the afternoon to walk to avoid pouring rain but had a relatively dry walk with a bit of sun.

This “artist” has this form of graffiti all over Paris using his face in plaster. This is another near the hotel of my friend with the artist sticking out his tongue and including hands this time.

Another type of graffiti rather fitting with all of the rain lately.

This shop had a long line waiting to go in. I think the interiors of these cakes are all meringue as we saw them assembling a cake using layers of meringue held together with whipped cream.

This ancient building is actually a youth hostel.

Two of the oldest buildings in Paris.

The rain may be annoying but it sure makes the streets beautiful when a bit of sun comes out.