I am back at our beach place. Several times I have awoken and think I need to get up and check on my grandsons or I think I’m in our Paris apartment. It takes me a few days for my body to figure out where I am each morning.

A sunset in Paris with a bridge over the Seine lit up.

Seen in a Paris florist.

Back to the beach where I saw the sunset in my glass of wine.

This was taken through the window in the waiting room of our doctor. I can actually just ride my bike over when I have an appointment, one of the joys of living here (as long as I don’t fall). I’ve been having trouble hearing from one ear and, as I expected, some ear wax had lodged on my ear drum and hardened. My doctor wouldn’t touch it so I have to go to an ear doctor to have it extracted. I think I may have done this to myself with a cotton tip while cleaning my ears. I guess I will let a little of that hygiene go.

If you visit Rue des Rosiers in the Marais, you will always find a lot of people, especially on Sunday. And 90% of them will be in line to eat falafel.

Here is a crowd at one falafel place.

And another.

And yet another.

Some people want American food, as you can see.

I wouldn’t mind having this for dessert.

I’m back from Switzerland and leaving today by train to go back to the beach. I’ve been traveling so much that I can’t remember all of the places I’ve been. I guess I’ll have to read my own blog and retrace my steps. Being with the grandkids was great but exhausting. Not only was there no school but there was a lot of rain which kept us all inside. When I arrived in Paris, unpacked, and put clothes in the washer, I went and met a friend for an early dinner. We sat outside on the terrace in the shade (it was hot), had wine and caught up.

Where we sat.

I had a glass of sauterne with ice. Very refreshing.

This guy to our left had a drink too. Note the cigarette and two packages of cigarettes. Terraces aren’t very pleasant anymore if you are a non-smoker but it was too hot to sit inside.

The guy to the right had this mint drink. Cigarettes there too.

I have been in Swizerland for over a week doing some baby sitting for five grandsons. It has been going well if you don’t count a lot of rain. Heading back to Paris and then to the beach.

View of Lake Lugano from a chinese restaurant.

The village below my son’s home.

One morning I went for a walk, and it turned out to be a long one, to take a look at a few things. It was a beautiful day and it turned in to a hot one so, after lunch I went back home but I got a few photos.

I started at Bastille and took a look at the Arsenal where boats are docked being a bit curious after my interview with Cris Hammond who is planning to dock there for the winter.

Crossing the river I saw this huge barge with another along side it, empty and cruising back to be reloaded somewhere.

I ended up at the Austerlitz metro station, one that I really like the design of.

This was on the walls of the quai. They just don’t decorate metro stations like that anymore.

This huge structure is in a courtyard surrounded on all four sides by your typical Parisian buildings. I saw a link about it and thought I’d check it out. It’s just off of Place d’Italie and I roamed around where it was supposed to be before I finally found the entrance. They are still working on it so I didn’t go in. I wish I had gone to a hotel and asked it I could get a view from up above. I looked for information on this building and can’t find it right now no matter what I put into Google. All I can tell you is that it is off of Avenue des Gobelins. You can’t see it from any street but only through an old archway. Strange but interesting.

Our train didn’t head back to Paris until late in the afternoon so we decided to try the London Eye, an enormous ferris wheel on the south bank of the Thames. It’s like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, a huge tourist attraction. We were there fairly early and the line wasn’t that long. Each car holds about 25 people, it moves very slowly and you get some great views.

Looking up from below. I read that they put the whole wheel together on the ground and then used a crane to pull it into position. All of the parts were brought by boat up the river.

View of Big Ben down below. I got a bit of the car below us just to show you what it was like. It wasn’t scary-very smooth, slow moving and no stops.

A look from the Westminster Bridge.

We walked a bit in the area across the bridge and I saw a glimpse of the London Eye. I had to stick my hand through a fence to get the photo, so it’s not the best shot ever.

I don’t know what this man does, but I liked his jacket.

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