I took lots of photos there in the Marais.

Very old doors.

The symbol of Paris on the gates of the Carnavalet Museum.

The lovely courtyard in the museum grounds.

The Victory Angel there-a little blurry.

A few more photos taken about the Marais, another this and that, here and there theme.

I came upon a Birkenstock store. I tried to wear them years before but they just killed my feet. The fake fur lining caught my eye.

There are quite a few vintage stores around the Marais. I have ventured into a few of them but have never found anything that I want to buy.

Like in the States, cauliflower is huge. These were in the window of a sort of gourmet falafel place which is very good.

A crepe place. All of the serving ladies inside are Japanese so I assume this is owned by Japanese. The crepes are tasty.

It’s the time of year for Mont d’Or cheese which you spike with garlic and white wine, bake until melted and serve with ham and potatoes. Fabulous.

I have to say one of the reasons I enjoy being back in Paris is that I never have to get in a car and drive someplace. I mostly take the metro, but also the bus. When in the bus, there may be heavy traffic or lots of stops at stop lights but I’m not as annoyed as I get when behind the wheel. Anyway, I took the metro to the Saint Paul metro stop as my photos showed in the last two blog postings. Here are a few more outside of the Village Saint Paul.

I always take photos of Citroëns. They don’t make them any longer so it’s fun to find one on the streets.

Just a little castle in the middle of a residential area, now a library.

A small passage lined with apartments.

This is the back passage to the Saint Paul Saint Louis church.

This chain of floral shops only sells roses and always has nice arrangements outside on the sidewalk. It was too cold to put roses outside on this day-it barely reached 30 degrees.

In the Marais district of Paris there is a section called Saint Paul Village, a little enclave of apartment buildings with some interesting shops on the ground floors. Lots of antique hunters check out what’s for sale there.

A sign on the street showing the entrance. The church in the background isn’t on fire. I was just trying to hide the scaffolding.

Someone dropped an egg in the entry way. I always wonder how things like this happen.

I love this door painted to look like a door to a secret garden.

One of the courtyards-there are several.

Some mosaic graffiti to brighten up the gray.

We’ve had a cold front here in Europe and the high yesterday was 32 degrees. I’ve been sort of nesting in our apartment keeping warm but then getting cabin fever so I bundled up and set out getting off the metro at Saint Paul, the Marais area.These photos are all places and things I’ve taken before but they are newly taken. I’m proud I braved the cold for an hour or so, ending up in a warm coffee place for a hot drink.

An architectural detail (there are four) called a chimère (an ancient mythological creature) holding up a balcony.

Interesting grafitti.

One of those narrow streets that give you the Parisian “feel”.

I love this door.

Look at this ancient sculpture right across the street. It probably advertised a shoe maker. I’m glad they didn’t cover it up.

It has been cold here in Paris since we returned and colder still the last two days which keeps me pretty much home bound but I have a few photos I’ve taken here and there.

A pretty morning sky in our neighborhood.

It’s rather rare to see statues in those niches on buildings. I spotted this one in the 8th arrondissement. I don’t know who it is.

I seldom eat croissants due to their high butter content but I liked looking at them in the boulangerie the other day.

I was in China Town in Paris-Belleville-to meet a friend for lunch and saw this photo in the window of a photographer. I took a photo because this bridge, and several others, have had the keys removed-the so called Love Locks-and are now replaced with clear glass so they look like they used to. I’m always reminded of my friend, Lisa, who started the movement to have them removed. I’m sure she knows.

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