Maurice and I headed to the famous market at Clingancourt on Sunday on what turned out to be the chilliest day this month. In fact, it is going to get into the thirties tonight. Time to get out my winter coat. This market, also called les Puces de Saint Ouen, used to be a place where you could find fabulous deals and I suppose that can still be the case but it seems to mostly be full of very expensive antiques. It’s a large area with several separate markets and, if you exit at the metro stop, you pass through a junk/pickpocket zone before you reach it with men trying to sell phones, perfume, knock off designer purses and more along the way. We were looking for a chair and might have found one but are thinking if we really want a used one, even if in good shape, or should we get a new one?

Many of the shops are open to the streets and allies like this one.

The last of the autumn leaves hanging on outside this shop.

Upscale antique toys were here and there.

Globes for sale.

We stopped for very good steaks at the Paul Bert restaurant in the market.

The bathroom at Paul Bert’s was painted with a scene of fields of lavender at sunset with the “sunset” extending to the toilet tank on the wall.

Despite the cool temperatures, the merchants had their lunches outside on tables set up for it.

A resident dog-note the people behind him/her also eating at a table. Much more elegant than a sandwich in a corner somewhere.

I often meet a friend for lunch and several times we have found ourselves at Pain Quotiedien. I love the ambiance of all of them. Maurice and I even found one in New York City when we were there, tired of walking and unable to find a place to eat we happened upon it and happily ate there. Our waiter turned out to be French and married to an American. The meals at this chain are always simple and healthy. My friend and I ate at the one on Rue des Martyrs.

I passed this street on the way there from the metro. Its private with a fence and also a dead end road. I always think it would be a nice road to live on.

This sign was out front, already talking about the new year. Can it really be almost here? All I can say is that 2014 just zoomed by for me.

We sat right by the kitchen where I could see meals being prepared and sent out.

My friend and I shared this tartine dish and added a little olive oil to it. We also had a detox drink with ginger in it. I have no idea if it works but it tasted good.

We didn’t have dessert but I liked the writing on the menu.

So, Maurice and I continued walking now on the Right Bank. By now I had reached 10,000 steps on my Fitbit and was ready to head home.

We walked past the pyramid at the Louvre.

Looked in the window at this courtyard in the Louvre.

The sun was starting to set as it does early here this time of year. I’m looking forward to December 21st and the time when the days start getting longer.

We decided to stop here for tea. It’s right across the street from the Tuleries Garden on rue de Rivoli.

I had a Earl Grey Tea-I love it’s flavour, and this pastry, a Religeuse. To tell the truth, I found this place crowded with small tables smushed together, over-priced and the pastries were just ordinary. Still it was nice to sit down and rest before we headed home.

When Maurice and I did our Sunday afternoon walk, we started on the Left Bank in the Luxembourg Garden and crossed the bridge over the Seine into the Left.

Last of the Autumn Leaves.

A bench, still on the Left Bank, shaped like two open books near what was once a school.

Crossing the Pont des Arts with Ile de la Cite and Pont Neuf in the distance.

Arriving on the Right Bank, you find the Louvre Museum starting to glow in the arriving sunset.

This Sunday was just beautiful, in fact, I didn’t even need a coat. Maurice and I went for a long walk and part of it involved a detour through Luxembourg Garden.

The leaves are in the last stages of Fall.

A small Statue of Liberty.

The Luxembourg Palace.

Can’t get enough photos of those mums in urns. They look so elegant.

Children were pushing small sail boats across the pond there.

Once again I have a mix of photos, things I’ve seen as I travel around Paris.

A pile of stones used to pave streets in Paris. They seem to be returning to the old way for making streets. After the 60’s when there was a student uprising and stones were pried up to throw at police, the streets were paved over with asphalt but there seems to be a return to these.

I went to la Defense the other day to talk to an artist who is painting a huge outdoor installation outside this building which is almost finished. La Defense is known for its outdoor art-in fact there are 67 monumental outdoor works of art there, the largest in France.

Here is the artist,Guillaume Boltazzi, with some of his work behind him. He was very friendly and approchable and was especially great with some children who were there showing them his paint and paint brushes. Note his paint covered jacket. He wears earphones as he paints and listens to music while working. I have to go back in a month or so and see everything finished.

An unusual tower at la Defense, one of many.

Yesterday was Beaujolais Nouveau Day when a special young wine comes out which you can taste and get an idea of what is to come in a few years. It’s not my favorite wine but Maurice and I always get a bottle or two. Many bars have it and there is a bit of a party atmosphere.

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