I am a book lover and I especially love really old libraries that have been preserved. I saw a photo on Pinterest of a beautiful library and I noticed it was in Paris, on rue Richelieu in fact. I took a chance I could get in and, sure enough, even though I wasn’t a student or didn’t have a card, the librarian let me take a couple of photos. I was so thrilled.

The interior of the building before I even reached the library.

Here it is. They just don’t make them like this anymore.

Love the green lamps. Of course, most of the people in the library didn’t need them as they were on computers.

A closer look.

With my bird’s eye lens. And listen to this: near the end of the year the library will be renovated and every one of those books will have to be moved! Can you imagine that job? I don’t know if the books will be accessible or not. I forgot to ask the librarian how many books were there. I’m hoping the library isn’t modernised. I would hate that.

Some more photos from around the Palais Royal.

There was some art in the garden, several sets of chairs facing each other, joined together with an object between them. It was an apple in this case. There was also poetry on each one too.

Steps leading up to the street.

There is a swanky men’s shoe store and this shoe sitting on a counter caught my eye.

There were two men there trying to choose between shoes, at least I think they were.

A beautiful scarf for sale in Passage Vivienne.

Some more photos of one of my favourite places in Paris, the Palais Royal.

The columns by Daniel Buren.

There are two of these fountains there. If the water is flowing some of the balls move.

I was there on a Saturday and the place was packed with tour groups, two of them being bike tours. A lady stopped to take photos and I got the unusual bike in front of the column.

The trees there are lined up like soldiers and trimmed to rectangle shapes. It won’t be long until they are green.

Photos around Paris:

Veggies at the Bastille market.

A friendly vendor selling saucisson.

Tile art on the wall of the Hotel du Nord, a famous restaurant, once hotel. It is next to the Canal Saint Martin which you see here.

I really like the floor there.

A book, then a movie were made based on this hotel.

The lovely ceiling of a patisserie from times past. I didn’t get the name though.

Maurice and I had lunch with his sister the other day here in our neighborhood.

The menu for the day is found on a chalkboard on the wall.

I liked the decor.

Wine was had.

Sylvette might possibly be a cat lover.

Not only were the napkins cloth, but they were red and white checked.

Spring is here, the time when you can find flowers all over Paris. I always try and get photos of them each year.

It’s always cool to get flowers in front of the Eiffel Tower.

No pink flowers, but a horse drawn carriage, new to me.

The Eiffel Tower looks strong and delicate at the same time.

The next day I went to Palais Royal but it was gray and cold, no blue sky to brighten up things.

The pink flowering trees were just about finished blooming.

A statue there with the pink flowers behind him. I guess wisteria will be next.

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