A Paris Brocante

There was a wonderful brocante in the Marais last week-end. I always see things that I love and want to buy but usually can’t afford them. It was a huge brocante spread out over several streets and it was a lovely day to be out in the sun looking at it all.

I especially liked this little statue but it was way out of my price range.

I didn’t even ask the price of this Louis Vuitton umbrella but I sure did like it.

Remember when suitcases were made of leather and had no wheels? Remember flying on a plane dressed up in your Sunday best, complete with hat and gloves? I do.

I wasn’t interested in these helmets but I like the humor of the display.

At last, something I can afford. These bowls are very collectable and in great colors.

Just Another Day in Paradise 2

The small arch du triumph at the entrance to the Tuleries Garden opposite the Louvre Pyramid. If you walk through the garden you reach Place de la Concorde. Keep walking and you are on the Champs Elysees and finally to the Arch du Triumph. They are all perfectly lined up. La Defense, a business complex, is also lined up with a modern Arch in a square shape.

Glimpses of the Eiffel Tower are everywhere in Paris. This one is from the Tuleries Garden.

A view of the Louvre Museum from the other side of the Petit Arch du Triumph.

Inside the Louvre is Winged Victory. I think the setting of this sculpture is the most breath-taking in the museum. I always picture Audrey Hepburn coming around the statue dress in a stunning red dress going down the stairs telling Fred Astaire to take her picture in the movie Daddy Longlegs.

There are always artists from a class on certain days copying masterpieces. This lady was one of the better ones I have seen.

On the second floor of the Richlieu wing is an interesting view of the Pyramid. In the summer you can sit out on the terrace.

Just Another Day in Paradise

I’m back. Sorry about the absence. Sometimes there are glitches that you can’t do anything about until the week-end is over.
Anyway, here are some photos of a great day I had in Paris.

One of the entrances to the Louvre Museum.

I love this view of the pyramid from the entrance leading into the square.

A view looking down into a courtyard which was covered when the pyramid was contstructed. The four figures were once around a fountain.

The fountains haven’t been working for over a year. Some of them still aren’t. I think the pyramid looks best when there is water is the ponds. The duck likes it too.

This is the view towards the Tuleries gardens with the pyramid at my back. The little hedge surrounds the top of the inverted pyramid of The Da Vinci Code fame.

My Day in Paris 2

Some more photos from my first sunny day in Paris.

A row of pots filled with lavender running down my favorite line of columns at Palais Royal.

They also had pots of various plants, mainly rose bushes, with close up photos of the flower.

Conceptual art in the Palais Royal. When I first saw it I didn’t like it, much like the pyramid at the Louvre, but I like it now, especially the way people interact with it.

One of the typical metro entrances seen in Paris.

My Day in Paris

It was finally sunny this morning in Paris-I’m here for a short visit-so I got out to take some photos.

Near the Louvre Museum is this view of the Garnier Opera House at the end of a boulevard-the kind that Hausmann, that great urban designer, was so fond of.

This is a metro entrance in Place Colette near the Palais Royal made of hand blown glass from Murano, Italy.

Close-up of the glass.

A restaurant on Place Colette that is a great place to sit in the sun.

They are celebrating flowers and gardens in Paris right now and my favorite fountains in Palais Royal are surrounded by flowers and lavender.


Gordes is another perched village, high on a hill overlooking the valley below. It is very much visited by tourists, usually the streets are packed in the summer, and tourist shops abound. It can be difficult looking around as the streets climb up and down giving one an aerobic workout. I like to visit Gordes but it doesn’t have the color of, say, Roussillon. Everything seems gray as a result of the millions of rocks used to build the buildings and pave the streets.

One of the many uphill streets to climb. In WWII many in the village could look below and see the movement of the German troops which they reported to the Allies-got bombed as a result.

The church there, along with Joan of Arc, need a little work.

This shop always has cute pillows lined up on the bench in front.

Colorful little display.

I love the shape of this window and the cute little shutter that can be closed.