Beautiful London

Big Ben photo taken from our bus. The area was packed with tourists.

Memorial on the bridge where that horrible terrorist attack took place. London seemed busy with tourists to me. The attack doesn’t seem to be keeping people away.

Seen across the street, Fleet Street I think, and I assume it is art. Nothing there to say, “Beware of falling stones”.

This was so striking. Another place I saw just walking along. I always wonder what London would be like without the damage of WWI and WWII, and that fire in 1661 when much of London was burned down.

So elegant.

There were quite a few places to eat outside of restaurants, just not on the same scale as Paris.

Favorite Village

Every year TV channel France 2 has a contest in France for the Village Préféré, or favorite village, in France. I hadn’t heard of most of those voted on except for Lourmarin, a beautiful place in Provence, and Kaysersberg which is the village that won this year. We were in Alsace last December and Kaysersberg was one of the places we visited and it was, as you might expect, very charming. It is also the birthplace of Dr. Albert Schweitzer, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Here are some photos I took while there.

As you can see, it was very colorful.

 One of the symbols of Alsace with the costumes seen in the area during celebrations.

A pretty arch.

The stunning architecture, German in style. Alsace has been German in its past.

As you can see, we were there near Christmas. Decorations were everywhere.

Another beautiful building.

La Rochelle

We are lucky to live very close to the beautiful city of la Rochelle. It’s steeped in history and full of historical and ancient architecture. We went to walk around the city for a bit the other day.

I’m always happy to see a blue door with hollyhocks next to them. In fact, I may have taken this same photo last year.

I got a glimpse of a sailboat leaving the old harbor. You don’t see these here in this location actually sailing very often although many are moored here.

An unusual door of a private club with coins decorating it.

One of several towers around the old harbor.

Such a pretty street.

A perfect setting for lunch. We’ve eaten there before but not today.

Here and There

The wisteria is starting to bloom. I love the look and the fragrance. I’ve read that it takes 7 to 8 years for them to start blooming after being planted.

This restaurant always has a great display of wisteria. It’s called Au Vieux Paris. It has a very interesting interior but I’m not sure about the food.

A different view.

Not too far from Notre Dame is the beautiful Place Dauphine. Last year I was able to get a photo of these trees blooming with flowers but I was too late this year. It’s a really lovely place I wouldn’t mind having an apartment overlooking those trees.

Love seeing tulips blooming. They seem more special because they are only there a short time.

Such great architecture.

Back in Paris

I wrote this as my first post when I got back to Paris and then, somehow, forgot to actually post it. Since I went to the trouble of writing it, here it is, a bit late.

I didn’t really make it out of our apartment for almost a week after returning to Paris. A few mornings I slept until 11 AM, unheard of for me, and then I got a cold on top of it. Paris got very cold so I pretty much hibernated.

I did bundle up late one morning for a walk on Promenade Planteé and the sun came out  lighting up this building, actually a police station, which has two unusual lines of these statues, copies of The Dying Slave by Michelangelo, although with a triangle in the torsos. I’ve never found out the reason for this decoration but I’m guessing it’s just modern art.

My first day out I headed to Palais Royal, one of my favourite places. It was on a Sunday so it was packed with visitors, locals and tourists alike.

A couple posing for wedding photos. I’m glad she had that little jacket because although sunny, it was cold.

Interesting clothing.

A look at the beautiful architecture.