Desert Beauty

Because I grew up in the southwest I don’t generally like the vegetation and desert but in the Spring, there is a lot of beauty to see and I appreciate it. Plus, the temperatures are in the 80’s while it is rainy and cold back in Paris.

The Polo Verde are very impressive in the Spring.

The palm trees against the morning sky are pleasing.

My son came for a quick visit while I was here and we went to a movie. They are making theatres very fancy now with reclining seats, reserved seats and you can take wine or beer in to the movie. Afterwards we went out to the terrace there at the movie theatre and had drinks. We saw the movie, Colassal, by the way, which was very strange while being interesting and good at the same time. We got the lasts seats and had to sit in the front row which made me dizzy a couple of times.

Back to Paris on Saturday.

Desert in Bloom

 I am in Arizona visiting my mother and there are trees and bushes and cacti in bloom all over the place.

In the yard of my mother’s neighbor. When my Dad was in the last stages of his Parkinson’s and disoriented, he got the neighbor’s garbage bin mixed up with theirs and to this day it bothers my Mom as it is smaller and stained with paint. No one would do anything about it so when it got dark, I went over and switched them. There are just renters in the place so I doubt they will notice or care like my Mother does. We will see.

These bloomed only for one day.

The cacti flowers come in yellow too.

You can see the buds on the saguaro cactus but I will miss seeing the blooms. You can also see a little hole where cactus wrens often build nests.

Leaving Arizona

I am back in Paris with deadly jet lag and a bad cold so I thought I’d post some photos from Arizona where I spent time with my Mom and had the unexpected bonus of having my gall bladder removed. (Thank you for all of the nice comments on that. After surgery, although I was very sore, I never needed any pain medication and after a week or so, pretty much felt back to normal).

Of course, there were palm trees and beautiful sunsets.

We saw many movies. This is a brand new theatre at the mall. The photo make the rug look like it’s undulating for some reason.

My Mom’s home was built in the 70’s and probably last decorated in the 80’s. She’s never touched this living room since then. It looks like a movie set to me. The glass on the chandelier tinkles when there is an earthquake in California.

This ceiling is in the entry way to the Wrigley Mansion built by the Wrigley gum owners. It was also owned by Geordie Hormel who, interestingly to me anyway, was once married to Leslie Caron, the French actress in Gigi. The mansion itself is mostly empty of furniture and is used for weddings and has a very nice restaurant with views overlooking Phoenix. It was considered a “cottage” by the first owners and was only lived in for a week or two a year.

I am very taken with the desert landscaping and wall decorations of the freeway system in Scottsdale and Phoenix. So artistic and creative. I was finally able to get a photo when stopped at a red light.

A look at the unusual rock formations down below as my plane left Arizona heading for New York and then Paris.

Another Canyon

There is another, smaller, less well known canyon in Arizona called the Canyon de Chelly (pronounced shay for some reason) that is much less crowded than the Grand Canyon and much smaller. It’s worth going out of your way to see.

The road there from Flagstaff-lots of open country and long roads.

A look down at some of the rock formations in part of the canyon that reminded me of those we saw in Utah.

It’s kind of hard to see but at the bottom of this canyon wall is an old Indian ruin called the White House. There is also a ruin in the ledge above it. I wish we had walked down to see it but it was really windy and cold and we were a bit under the weather to boot.

 A look at the solid rock on the canyon at the top. It had rained earlier and there were puddles here and there.

This was called Spider Rock. While we were standing there a girl was telling her friends about the canyon. I think she was Navaho as she kept saying “my people”. A bird started flying around the rock formation and she said it was an eagle and that for “her people” it represented a grandfather and good luck and that they were rarely seen here. I tried to get in my photo but it was too far away.



The Grand Canyon

After our visit to Austin we flew to Arizona to see my mother. During our time there Maurice and I made a trip up to Northern Arizona and over into New Mexico. Our first stop was at the Grand Canyon which Maurice says is one of the most beautiful places in the world. He’s been there many times and hiked down to the bottom a few times as well something I’ve never done.

 When we arrived it was very cold, windy and there was no view of the canyon due to low clouds. About thirty minutes before sunset the sun came out and I rushed out to get some photos.

There was almost a rainbow.

I liked the architecture there done in the early 1900’s after the train finally arrived there with tourists coming to see the Grand Canyon.

This sculpture is called the Bright Angel in the rustic lodge of the same name. The name comes from the first explorer of the Colorado River running through the Grand Canyon who after going through a section he named the Dirty Devil was pleased to find the clear waters he called Bright Angel.

This is the beginning of the Bright Angel trail. We didn’t go down very far as it was icy.

A ledge I liked.

A photo of a poster showing mules descending into the canyon-probably the only way I would ever do it.

Back in Paris

I’m back in Paris with the usual jet lag and a sore throat to boot. It’s so beautiful today in Paris that I’d love to get out but I will probably have an emergency nap instead. Here are a few photos taken in the States while visiting.

The bluebonnets were in bloom in Texas so I went out into the countryside to have a look.

A nice lady there said, “Are you alone? Let me take a photo of you with the bluebonnets.”

Then, as I struggled to my feet she took about ten more.

I saw some beautiful cactus flowers in Arizona while visiting my Mom.

And I took a ton of photos of family. This is one of my grandsons, Micah, who dressed for charcoal fire. Made me laugh.