Sedona, Arizona is known as a place of vortex by those into New Age where a special energy exists. When I was in high school, many moons ago, Sedona was a sleepy little town with a few New Age shops selling crystals and a few artists. It is now a major stop for tourists and there are special tours taking you to the place where the vortex is strongest. I’m not sure if I believe it but it’s interesting.

I was sort of tempted to get a tour to a vortex but the helicopter would have been better. I didn’t do either.

Outside of Sedona, a bridge crossing Oak Creek Canyon.

There’s Oak Creek down below.

I just liked this sign.

It’s always nice to see pumpkins in October. I always know it is really Autumn when I start seeing them.


There is a beautiful area north of Phoenix, almost up to Flagstaff full of red sandstone mountains and stone and the main town there is called Sedona. I thought that was a lovely name and looked up the source and it turns out to be named after the wife of the first postmaster in the area and her mother had made the name up. I went to Sedona, a two hour drive, hoping to see some autumn leaves but we were too early. The leaves were just on the edge of turning plus, everything looked really dry. I guess I won’t be seeing any golden leaves this year. I even drove a little further up from Sedona to look at an area called Slide Rock. I used to go there when I was in high school and you could slide down smooth rocks in the cool water. It was a nice way to cool down in the hot summers. Today though, it is a State Park and you have to pay $10 to park and explore the area. Being cheap, I skipped it.

Here you can see the red of the rocks again the blue of the sky.

The rock formations reminded me a lot of those we saw in Utah.

The green of trees and pine trees added a nice splash of color too.

On top of one hill is the Chapel of the Holy Cross. It’s really lovely and full of tourists. It was built in the 50’s with input from Frank Lloyd Wright.


I’m pretty sure most people know that Scottsdale, where I am with my Mom, is a suburb of Phoenix, the capitol of Arizona. Maurice and I made a quick excurtion there just to look around at the downtown.

Our first stop was the Saint Mary Basilica built at the end of the 1800’s which doesn’t seem that old after visiting churches in Europe. It was pretty small but in beautiful shape. Pope John Paul had visited there.

The statue of a young Jesus had actual clothes on it, something I have only seen in Europe.


This was the pretty entrance into a park behind Saint Marys.

We made a quick stop just into the lobby of the science museum where there was a giant telescope, microscope and a blinking eye. It looked rather surreal.

Back in Scottsdale the next morning there were clouds catching the rays of the rising sun. I love clouds.

Sunrise, Sunset

I am still out every morning doing my walk. This whole area around my Mom’s place is paved with walkways away from the streets which is nice.

There was a full moon the other day, the Harvest Moon which usually occurs in September but this year was in October, so called because it occurs near the Autumn Solstice. I had forgotten to check it out the night before but at dawn, when I went out to walk, I noticed that it was really light and that I didn’t need my flash light and thought at first there was a bright street light but then realized that it was the full moon, lighting my way.

I’ve been going through my Mom’s photos and found this one of me. Mom can’t remember how old I was when it was taken. I’m guessing two or three months. I guess now days they would have to put an iPhone in the baby’s hands to be authentic.

Starbucks on dawn. The guy sitting there in the blue shirt is Maurice. He has finally arrived sick and with jet lag, but here. It’s been a long time.


This and That

I usually do posts about This and That in Paris but, since I have a few photos that are unconnected to each other, here we go, only in the States.

When I caught an Uber for the ride to the airport for a plane to Texas, this was my driver. He was a very nice man and the hair, hat, and turquoise bracelet interested me. I usually have interesting conversations with Uber drivers. A lot of them are retired and either wanting to keep busy or needing the extra cash. This Willie Nelson lookalike had a disabled wife at home, was working for extra income and didn’t drive on week-ends because he didn’t want to drive drunks. Several drivers have told me about really drunk people, usually college girls, who use Uber which could be dangerous it seems to me. At least they aren’t driving. I have a grandson in college who has started being an Uber driver just a few hours a week and making a decent income. He doesn’t do nights either because he doesn’t want anyone to throw up in his car. One driver told me he once went to pick up a hamburger at Mcdonalds for delivery. Seems a bit lazy to me. The world is changing. Sometimes I feel really old.

I’m still walking everyday. I find myself awake at 4 am most mornings for some reason and I think, “What the heck, might as well get out and walk” which I do. I skip walking in the sun when I do this and it’s actually cool and I get to see sunrises. Clouds add so much to a sunrise or sunset. Of course, by 8 or so, I have been up for hours and by noon, I need a nap. I don’t know how all of this will work when Maurice arrives but he will probably have jet lag anyway so we can get out together.

I was walking the other day and a light from a nearby building was shining through the trees and it made this pattern on the ground which looked liked trees themselves. Somehow I noticed this.


I’m so happy. The temperatures here in Scottsdale have finally dropped below 100 F. It’s in the high 90’s every afternoon but it sure beats 110 which has been common more than I would like. The weatherman just said that next Friday it will even be below 90. Everybody who lives here do so for the winters which is on the way. I’m usually here then and it’s wonderful.

I found walking at the mall interesting but you can’t beat being outside. I had to get outside right before dawn, as you can see by this photo, as I wanted to avoid walking in the sun.  There is a line up of three planets that you can see in the early morning right now, Mercury, Mars and Venus. I could only see one which I think was Venus. The moon was waning. I love planetary things that you can see from earth. I wouldn’t want to go to Mars though which I understand will be happening before too long. I’d be afraid I couldn’t get back.

The sky was pretty on this morning. Clouds always add so much to photos. I am fascinated by weather. If I had it to do over, I think I would become a meteorologist. Needless to say, I watch the weather station a lot.