Ghost Town

In the copper mining area of Arizona are several towns which are now ghost towns. Many towns shut down when the copper ran out and every building became empty. Jerome was one of these. I remember driving up the mountain to look at it when I was in high school and not one building had a person in it. There were empty hotels and even an empty hospital, once one of the best in the country. Maurice and I were in the area as we headed back from our trip to Utah so drove up to take a look. Some time ago some hippie artists took over one building and the rest is history. Jerome is now packed with art shops, restaurants and hotels-and also tourists, lots of tourists walking around. Jerome is built on a very steep hill and stairs are sometimes required.

Looks like there are still hippies in town.

Here’s a nice way to run a business.

One of the hotels which gives you an idea of the look of the town.

His and her motorcycles. Lots of tatoos were seen too.

Not in Jerome, but Scottsdale. A sunset we saw the next morning.

Dust Storm

As we left Moab clouds gathered on the horizon and and it was very windy. We were headed back to Arizona and going through the beautiful Monument Valley deep in Navajo country and, as we neared, could barely see those famous peaks.

Here it was in the distance like a hazy scene in Wizard of Oz. notice the bad looking highway. We weren’t on a interstate all day and some of those small highways can be really bumpy.

A little closer.

Here is the scene from the tourist center. Imagine it in clear air. I was thinking that maybe the sunset would be incredible with the dust in the air but we didn’t wait to see. When we arrived at the center we had to park quite a distance away and run through the strong wind and dust then back to the car. I had dust in my mouth, hair and ears. We went through lots of blowing dust back on the road but, luckily, not one of those storms that totally obscure vision and lead to wrecks. We did end up with a huge tumble weed on our front bumper but it eventually blew off.

There was a really nice gift shop inside the tourist center with all sort of Indian objects for sale-I saw a guy in line to buy what looked like a real arrow-and I sort of like these figures in the window with part of Monument Valley in the background.



The photo above is of a slot canyon which, as you can see, is a path between high walls that are close together created by millions of years of weather-rain and wind and surging water. It’s a great experience to walk through them until you come to a giant boulder wedged between the two walls or a tree trunk which we did three times. I slid over a boulder one time and couldn’t get a foothold or anything to hang on to so I ended up falling on my back on what was, lucky for me, sand. At another Boulder I had to link my fingers together for Maurice to use as a step to get over and then he he grabbed both of my hands to pull me up and over. Thank God, we had each other.

The entrance to the slot canyon. When I looked at the photo I was surprised to see a robed of figure with a pumpkin head holding a divining rod. I had been looking for ancient Indian drawings but I don’t think they did this. I think Mother Nature did it.

Pretty flowers outside of the canyon against some of those incredible red rock structures.

After The Storm

There was a huge thunderstorm in the Phoenix area the other day with flooded streets and trees and telephone poles fallen in the streets. There were pretty skies afterwards as the sun set but first….

A cute frog on a fountain of a friend in Tucson.

Got a bit of a sauhauro cactus in the foreground.

One more view futher on.

Now, we are off to Utah.


While we were in Prescott, Arizona, we went on a hike on what was once a railroad track and now the Peavine Hiking Trail. It runs along Watson Lake and some fantastic rock formations.

We saw wild flowers.

Wild morning glories.

Sights of the Lake here and there. It’s unusally hight this year due to a month of rain.DSC07758
And rock formations like this looking like a scene in a science fiction movie.

Desert Light

I spent over three hours at a dentist today. Good times. So, I am just going to post two photos taken this morning before I went. Hard to beat morning light.

A flower seen on a bush around here. I used to know what it was called.

Another cactus flower but with the sun at that great autumn slant.