For the last art festival in Venice all sorts of art could be seen around the city. One of the pieces was two arms coming out of the water, hands against a building as if holding it up and it is called Support. It represents the rising of water around the world due to global warming as well as the plight of Venice.  I was disappointed to have missed seeing it when I saw photos of it and most of the art was gone but to my delight, it was still here. It is done by Lorenzo Quinn who is the son of the actor, Anthony Quinn. He tried acting for a bit but decided to pursue art full time. His mother is Italian and he was raised in both New York City and Italy and now lives in Italy with his family.

Seen from the canal.

Closer from the vaporetto stop.

From the side.

Right hand.

Left hand.

Shot from underneath. You can go to his website and see the arms being put into a boat and being brought up the Grand Canal if interested as well as his other art.


I went in the final days to the Orsay Museum to see an exhibition of an artist unknown to me named Frédéric Bazille. He went to medical school as his parents wanted but ended up in art school and eventually became friends with Monet, Manet, Sisley and Renoir. He often shared apartments with them and, because he wasn’t a starving artist, provided studios and art equipment for them. He joined the military in the Franco-Prussian war where he was killed and died at the age of 28. The exhibit showed many of his works and also showed those painted in the same place by his friends, along with Cezanne and Pissoro. He might have become even more famous than them, had he lived.

A self portrait.

Excuse me for not cropping my photos. This shows one of his studios where he and his friends worked. They often shared models. The is him in the right corner playing the piano. He was also a very good musician.

The Girl in the Pink Dress. This was a cousin of his looking at a view. He loved painting out in the open air with natural light.

This was my favorite painting of his that I saw. In person it looked like a photograph. Really amazing.

A good view in the room where the exhibit was.

Here and There

Once again I have a mix of photos, things I’ve seen as I travel around Paris.

A pile of stones used to pave streets in Paris. They seem to be returning to the old way for making streets. After the 60’s when there was a student uprising and stones were pried up to throw at police, the streets were paved over with asphalt but there seems to be a return to these.

I went to la Defense the other day to talk to an artist who is painting a huge outdoor installation outside this building which is almost finished. La Defense is known for its outdoor art-in fact there are 67 monumental outdoor works of art there, the largest in France.

Here is the artist,Guillaume Boltazzi, with some of his work behind him. He was very friendly and approchable and was especially great with some children who were there showing them his paint and paint brushes. Note his paint covered jacket. He wears earphones as he paints and listens to music while working. I have to go back in a month or so and see everything finished.

An unusual tower at la Defense, one of many.

Yesterday was Beaujolais Nouveau Day when a special young wine comes out which you can taste and get an idea of what is to come in a few years. It’s not my favorite wine but Maurice and I always get a bottle or two. Many bars have it and there is a bit of a party atmosphere.

Between Two Artists

The first time I went to the lovely Ochre toned village of Roussillon I was captivated by the paintings I saw in a gallery there by the artist, Francoise Valenti. They are full of vibrant color: ochre buildings with stretches of lavender in the foreground, or scarlet poppies in a field. I bought one of her posters and have it framed and hanging in our house.

Hard to see because of the reflection, but here it is. You can see more at her website:

When my son who is living in Switzerland and his family visited me this summer the four year old, Holden, informed me that he was going to make a lot of money with his art. It turns out that he is very good at art. I don’t think I’m prejudiced. He’s really good with color and comes up with some amazing things.

This is his interpretation of the Brazillian flag. I’m not sure where he saw one.

So, when we took them all to see Roussillon I thought Holden especially would like to see the gallery of Francoise Valenti. I told him she was an artist too. She speaks excellent English and Holden started talking with her telling her he was going to sell his art out of their basement. She lives in the floors above the gallery in Roussillon and has a lovely garden that you can see from the shop. She was very sweet with Holden and told him he should honor his gift and she gave him a postcard that she had in the shop.
I love her work. One of these days, I’d love to buy one of her original paintings of Paris.