Artists At Work

You see artists all over Paris either doing their work or trying to sell it. There are many up on Montmartre in the Place de Tertra but you can find them just about anywhere.

In progress by the Pont des Arts.

A photographer was trying to get a shot of this wedding couple with crowds of people walking by.

Artists can paint anywhere, even on their laps.

You usually only see these types of artists up on Montmartre.

Florists often seem to be artists with their displays.

59 Rue du Rivoli

There’s a sort of artist’s hangout or squat, although utilities are paid, six stories worth, at 59 Rue du Rivoli. They call the place 59 Rivoli.

The outside catches your eye inviting you in at no cost.

Just about every surface has been painted.

Entertaining wall scapes along the stairs as you climb.

Lizards and dragons can be seen.

Along with other creatures.

This is on the very top floor. There is an American lady up there selling very nice art, reasonably priced, and I bought a piece as a Christmas present for my daughter in law, always someone hard to buy for. We haven’t exchanged Christmas gifts yet as she is traveling.

Artist At Work

There are always artists at work here and there in Paris.

These two artists were at the Louvre. You will often see them there copying the masters. I believe they are with an art class. Sometimes one of them will have a sign up asking people not to talk to them or take photos.

This was the palette of an artist up on Montmartre at Place de Tertre.

An artist at work on a characture.