Here and There

The wisteria is starting to bloom. I love the look and the fragrance. I’ve read that it takes 7 to 8 years for them to start blooming after being planted.

This restaurant always has a great display of wisteria. It’s called Au Vieux Paris. It has a very interesting interior but I’m not sure about the food.

A different view.

Not too far from Notre Dame is the beautiful Place Dauphine. Last year I was able to get a photo of these trees blooming with flowers but I was too late this year. It’s a really lovely place I wouldn’t mind having an apartment overlooking those trees.

Love seeing tulips blooming. They seem more special because they are only there a short time.

Such great architecture.

Wisteria in Paris

I love wisteria, the sweet fragrance, that fabulous purple. In the past I have found some great vines in Paris so, on a very pretty day, I set out to where I had found it before. I only found a few rather sickly blooms. I guess this is one of those years where they aren’t doing well. It happens. In any case, being around Notre Dame, I enjoyed what I did find.

I found pink flowers blooming on a chestnut tree in front of Notre Dame.

This restaurant, Au Vieux Paris, right around the corner can have wonderful flowers on that wisteria vine but not this time. It’s a colourful place in any case.

This was in a window of a kitchen at the back of a restaurant seen from outside.

I love this sign.

I’ve never eaten there but it does look tempting.

Au Vieux Paris

Around the corner from Notre Dame is this pretty little restaurant. It always has very creative decorating on the outside and the inside is full of ancient furniture and architecture. The food can be very good or just okay and the service is sometimes bad so I don’t go there anymore but I always stop to look at the outside when I’m in the neighborhood.

I like the color of paint they used this year.

Part of a church font perhaps?

Little baskets hanging from the wysteria ready for Easter.

Around the corner from there is another place. I like their sign. It’s called The Reserves of Quasimodo, being near Notre Dame.

Au Vieux Paris

There is a darling restaurant not far from Notre Dame that always has wonderful decorations outside and the interior is fabulous. I ate there twice, once was great, once just okay. I know people who rave about the food though. The owner is very friendly, very welcoming to all and calls his wife the Wild Woman. I’m thinking I should go again and give it another try. It’s been in operation since the 1600’s and has a very interesting interior. I saw the exterior the other day announcing spring and had to take a few photos.

Look–they rolled out grass on the sidewalk!

Another view.

The menu outside.

I like the room upstairs the best, I think, but this is a room to the side of the main entrance which is rather elegant.

And get a look at that ceiling.