Saint Anthony

Saint Anthony, the patron saint of lost things, was born in Portugal but died in Padua. He was known for his skill at preaching and when he died at the age of 35 was made a saint within a year and work on the cathedral devoted to him began immediatetly in 1231. It’s a gorgous basilica, very well maintained and full of those wanting to see where he is buried.

You can see how sumptuous the interior of the basillica is.

One section of the basillica.

The tomb of Saint Anthony. You can walk around it, look at the sculpted reliefs there telling of his life and place your hand on the back of the tomb if you want.

There is a room in the back with reliquaries holding his lower jaw, vocal cords and tongue-all of these because he was known as such a great speaker.

Lots of thank yous next to his tomb. I am not religious, but rather spiritual, so this doesn’t mean as much to me but I do admire the passion and love behind it all.