Here and There

I was out the other day with a friend and took all sorts of photos.

Before I met her, I went to a movie with Maurice at the Bercy theatre at Cour Saint Emillion. This a a view of the shopping area from up above in the theatre. We saw Casse Tete Chinoise which was mostly in French but also some in English as it takes place in New York City. I liked it.

I stopped at the newly renovated Place de la Republique which is now mostly pedestrian. Very nice but there was a cold wind blowing through.

A look up from a courtyard in the left bank-love the circle but wonder what the rooms are like in the building. Sometimes interesting exteriors lead to strange interiors. The courtyard is private and locked so I stuck my camera out through the gate to get the photo.

Just loved the light shining on this building. I never get shots like this in the summer because the sun sets so late and I’m home before it does but when the sun starts setting earlier and earlier I get to see more incredible light.


Maurice and I are back from our trip to the States suffering from jet lag. Here is a posting I prepared before we left.

I’m always surprised to see new Tea shops. This one has been around for a long time but I guess it is new to Paris.

Never heard of it.

This shop location was at Bercy. There’s another one in Palais Royal. I really liked the ambiance as you entered.

Each of these containers contained loose tea. Very stylish.

Pretty tea pots for sale.

These two were in the window. I never use pots myself, but brew tea in my mug. Less to clean up that way and I don’t like tea after it has set a while.


We are now in Provence. Our house has been closed since November and sitting in the cold winter without any heating on. To say it was cold when we walked in doesn’t begin to describe it. We turned on the heater, kept our coats on for a couple of hours, started a fire and I even turned on a little electric floor heater that I have and kept it aimed at my feet all evening. I even took it to the bed to see if I could warm it up but it kept shutting down under the covers-probably a good thing. The weather isn’t too bad here right now-in the 50’s or so during the day but it is definitely nippy at night. I have lots to do, mostly housework and pulling weeds and haven’t been out with my camera as yet so I am posting some photos of an interesting part of Paris called Bercy.

We often go to movies here at a place called Cour St Emillion. It is mostly chains stores and places to eat. It used to be the major storage and shipping facility for wine in Paris being near the Seine. They tore down everything which is probably a shame and built a huge park and this area. It’s always really nicely decorated at Christmas.

Another shot from the outside probably following the line of the buildings that were once here.

They have left some of the old railroad tracks around that, while interesting to see, are murder on the ankles if you step wrong.

Nearby is the Bercy Entertainment complex. We’ve seen tennis here before and it is where performers like Madonna perform as it holds a lot of people. I think it is rather strange looking with grass growing up the sides. I’m told that they have to have some sort of special lawnmower to cut the grass, plus they have to water it. What were they thinking?

Some interesting metal sculpture in the park.

Large areas of water are in the park.

The park is split in two by a major road so there are two large bridges which span it and connect the two sides.

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