Chez Panisse

Chez Panisse is a very famous restaurant in Berkeley founded by Alice Waters known for starting the fresh food movement-farm to table. It is incredibly fresh food. We joined my friend for lunch there. The tomatoes on my plate were fabulous. We met a man outside the restaurant delivering fresh vegetables that came directly from a Sonoma farm, one that had escaped the fire.

These were setting on the counter overlooking the kitchen as we entered.

The outside entrance.

They make their own bubbly water so there aren’t tons of bottles to be disposed of. I like their glasses too.

This huge incredible tree stretched high over the entrance. It was called something like a BuiBui tree. Whatever the name, it was gorgeous.

The Clairemont

Our friend, and acting tour guide, was born and raised in Berkely and used to live across the street from the fabulous Clairemont Hotel. We decided to park and check out the lobby, one of my favorite things to do. It was, as expected, fabulous and maybe one day I will spend a night there.

Mary, our friend, told us that she used to come in the hotel and wander around, take tennis lessons and use the pool. Her brother and other neighborhood boys used to slide down the laundry shoot which no longer exists-she asked. The lady she asked was also raised in the area and her brothers did the same thing.

This is a shot of the side. It was much larger when viewed from the front.

This was a view of San Francisco and the bay down below. Imagine what the view is from one of the rooms at the top of the hotel.

There is a friendly resident dog at the front desk to greet guests.

The front desk. The interior decorating was very modern. I think I would have preferred a more old fashioned look.

One of many reading areas.