Views and Food

I met a friend up on Montmartre for breakfast one day at a place called the Hardware Société, owned and run by Australians from Melbourne. It was really good.

It was right around the corner and down a hill a bit from Sacre Coeur.

Where there was a very good harp player with speakers and taped background music.

The nice interior.

Beautiful and delicious french toast. I had yummy scrambled eggs.

I sat next to the window.

We had a beautiful day.

Isn’t this something? I saw it on Instagram and wondered how in the world they did it. I was standing below Sacre Couer and looked to my right and recognised the building, took the photo and then turned it so the hill looked flat. An optical illusion of sorts.


Ile d’Aix

Our neighbor, “Madam La”, sent a IM saying, “Have you crossed the shadow of Napoleon?” We were on Ile d’Aix and, it turns out, was where Napoleon spent his last time on French soil before being sent to exile by the English to Saint Helena. This plaque showed a brooding Napoleon on his way from France.

We took our visiting friends to Ile d’Aix where cars are not allowed. We wanted to rent bikes but were there before the bike shop opened so we stopped for a petit dejuner at a rather posh café. This fancy mirror was on a wall there.

The restaurant was connected to a hotel and if the table had a croissant on it, it was for hotel guests. Notice that there is no plate for the croissant. This is very typical in France. No plates for pastries and on a napkin if you are lucky. Our French guests sat at our kitchen counter in our apartment every morning (sometimes they stood there) and ate bread without plates getting crumbs all over the place. Maurice does this too and it drives me crazy. A French thing.

The bicycle rental shop finally opened and the owner had this huge St. Benard which greeted us in the street with his belly up. The last time we were on this island we ate in a small nearby café and the dog roamed between the tables begging for food.