Back in Paris

I made a two week visit to the States to see my Mom and just returned yesterday. As usual, I have been hit like a wave with jet lag and, except for voting in the election yesterday, have just been home puttering around and napping. It will take me at least a week to recover. I’ve never found a good way to get over it, I just have to plow through it. Anyway, here are a few photos around Paris I took quite a while ago and never posted.

I read that this is the most popular photo shot in Montmartre. Maybe it’s all of the red and the view of the inviting seats down below in front of le Refuge. It’s not my favorite shot and I never even actually took it before but after reading the comment on Instagram about its popularity, I decided to take it.

Decorative book display. I can’t remember what the shop sold, maybe books?

A little cafe near Notre Dame. I like the writing and the painting on the front, maybe a priest? It’s in the Latin Quarter which once held many students and many priests teaching them using Latin, thus the name.


We found a cute place to eat right next to our hotel. I’m making a whole post of it just because I liked it so much.

fullsizerender1-copy-6The entrance.

img_13691 Cider is a must. It has a low alcohol content.

img_13701 The photo doesn’t do this justice. It is a crepe made with special flour found in Brittany. There were cheese, mushrooms, bacon and onions inside. The crepe was crunchy on the outside. It’s obligatory to have at least one crepe while in Brittany.

img_13721 This was inside the creperie. Looked rather like an piece of furniture from a church.

img_13731 A wall behind a velvet bench.

fullsizerender1-copy-5 A wall painting.

fullsizerender1-copy-4 The view from the window.


Maurice and I had lunch with his sister the other day here in our neighborhood.

The menu for the day is found on a chalkboard on the wall.

I liked the decor.

Wine was had.

Sylvette might possibly be a cat lover.

Not only were the napkins cloth, but they were red and white checked.


I’m back from Switzerland and leaving today by train to go back to the beach. I’ve been traveling so much that I can’t remember all of the places I’ve been. I guess I’ll have to read my own blog and retrace my steps. Being with the grandkids was great but exhausting. Not only was there no school but there was a lot of rain which kept us all inside. When I arrived in Paris, unpacked, and put clothes in the washer, I went and met a friend for an early dinner. We sat outside on the terrace in the shade (it was hot), had wine and caught up.

Where we sat.

I had a glass of sauterne with ice. Very refreshing.

This guy to our left had a drink too. Note the cigarette and two packages of cigarettes. Terraces aren’t very pleasant anymore if you are a non-smoker but it was too hot to sit inside.

The guy to the right had this mint drink. Cigarettes there too.

Hugo and Victor

I’m not sure when Printemps, one of those famous giant Parisian department stores, was renovated. I did notice a new interior at Christmas but didn’t really explore it much.

I went in to look when I noticed the scaffolding was down on the exterior. It could have happened months ago but I just noticed.

Pretty display on the ceiling at one of the entrances.

My eye was caught by the name, Hugo and Victor, making me think of the famous French author Victor Hugo. Their logo was a bit like Louis Vuitton too. They sold chocolate and had a cute cafe downstairs.

You can see it down below from a “skywalk”.

Other side. I would have tried something there if I hadn’t just eaten.

View of the escalators from the lower floor. Very futuristic looking.

Seen on The Left Bank

I saw these funny little carved wooden ducks for sale at a shop and wondered who would want them-so few places in Paris have gardens and I think these were meant for a garden.

A tempting place to stop for lunch or a drink.

I stopped for a glass of wine and some cheese pastry, gougères. Very good.

A charming grocery store with its vegetables on display outside on the street.