The Rodin Museum is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the death of the famous artist, Rodin. The museum is in what was once his home and studio and it is lovely. Because of the celebration, the museum entrance was free and there were even fireworks. We got there at 5:30 in the evening as the lights were turned on and there was a very romantic feeling seeing the lighting outside. Inside they had live music.

The front of the museum with Rodin’s signature lit up.

A painting of Rodin in his later years. He wasn’t a popular artist when he began as his art was too real, not very Greek as was popular in those days. He was very influenced by Michaelangelo after a trip to Italy and I think you can see it. He never actually did the actual sculptures that you see. He did the art in clay and then it was sculptured by experts working with him. He also did a lot of bronze works.

The statue of Rodin seen outside in the garden called, The Thinker, probably his most well known work.

The Kiss is very well known too. This was inside.

Some of his paintings looking very Impressionistic to me.

A pretty chandelier through a window from outside.

Even prettier from a distance.

At the back of the garden was this sign where they had the fireworks. We should have stayed to watch but went for drinks instead.

Lap of Luxury

I was in a very nice, luxurious hotel the other day , the Saint James Hotel, and loved walking around taking photos.

img_2033 A sort of chandelier waterfall.

img_2038 Jungle theme here and there.

img_2052 Elegant staircase.

img_2024 I went into the bar with a friend and it was spectacular starting with this spiral staircase.

img_2027 The bar seen from up above via that staircase.


img_2040 I bet this room is lovely at night but it wasn’t bad in the daytime with fall outside the window.

img_2029 My only disappointment was my drink. This is not tea but a cocktail. I almost sent it back to tell the truth. I should have ordered a plain and simple cosmopolitan.