Sand, Sea and Sun

Meanwhile, back at our beach place after our visit to England, we’ve had some magnificent skies. None of these photos has been retouched. The colors are real.

Interesting clouds and a great blue sky.

A forbidding sky one morning but it never rained. The tide is out so that is what is left behind when the water recedes.

The same dark sky with the sun behind me shining on some beach vegetation.

A nice sunset. Hot weather was on the way and I think it shows in the sky.

This cloud caught my eye. I liked the pink but especially the markings-it looks like a fish or a snake.

I don’t think I’ve seen the water sparkling like this before.

Another giant jelly fish left behind by the receding tide. It looks like an alien a bit.

The 80’s

This weekend in our village, Chatelaillon, is a little themed celebration with costumes, food and music. Every year is a different theme and this year it is the 80’s. It seemed a lot like the 60’s to me but it was fun to wander up the street and see people having fun. I have to say that France is really great for festivals. They are everywhere, especially in the Summer.

There was a Notre Dame, which doesn’t have a thing to do with the 80’s unless they mean the 1880’s. There was a little Quasimodo too.

The Cotton Club with flappers. There was even a guy dressed as one. I’m guessing there will be music and drinks tonight.

A Jamaican place with Bab Marley on the front. I associate him with the 70’s. Did you know he died at the age of 32 from melanoma? He certainly did influence the music scene in his day.

Aren’t these two cute? I guess their outfits are from the 80’s. I think I might have a few things left in my closet from then.

Various musical instruments lined the streets. The stage to the right looked right out of the 60’s to me too.

Out and About

Photos from here and there around our beach place in Chatelaillon.

I love seeing sand after a storm. It looks like water ripples to me. We had a big sort of gale for two days recently.

There was a huge vide grenier on the main street of our village last Sunday. This old sewing machine caught my eye. I didn’t see the little figures below until looking at this photo later.

Buttons for sale too.

My attention was caught by this pink rose and then I noticed that the name of the house behind it was named The Roses. Many places around here have names, many after children.

There was a Hobby Cat fete during our windy weekend. They were zooming around everywhere on the water.

There were filming some scenes for a TV movie by our beach and I saw this lady, not even a main character, but a sort of background person the actors walked by in a scene. I do see topless women on the beach occasionally but not sitting on the wall of a busy village street. I hope we someday see the movie just to see our area.

Back at the Beach

 We have arrived at our beach place ready to see what summer has in store for us.

We arrived at the la Rochelle train station which looks very castle like. Our trip is a little over three hours from Paris.

Our very first night I ran out to the beach to get some photos as the sun set. I love the sun shining through the beach fence.

The sunset through the fence.

And, finally, the sunset. They usually aren’t this spectacular in the Spring as I recall. There is no filter with this photo either, this is just how it looked, filling our living room with scarlet light.

This and That at the Beach

Some places and things seen around here at the beach.

IMG_1161[1] A God’s Eye sunset.

IMG_1252[1] A very heavily decorated house near us. Shells and driftwood figures all of the place but I liked it.

IMG_1170[1] Sunrise, beach fence, sand and water.

IMG_1187[1] I bought a bouquet of these roses at our market. They may be what is call Japanese roses, I’m not sure.

IMG_1256[1] A cocktail on the terrace as the sun goes down.

IMG_1260[1] Some fruity ice tea at a new tea and coffee place on rue de Marche. Not enough ice-there never is in France-but very refreshing.

Beach Life

So here is a bit of this and that at the beach. It is so restful and peaceful here.

There’s always sunset watching. The sunsets aren’t very spectacular this time of year, just sort of mellow and pale with a fog bank that usually hides the sun as it sinks into the ocean. We had a very big wind storm the other day with rain showers which leads to clouds that I love in sunsets but, in the end, just a little color developed in the sky. Late summer and fall, we have really great sunsets.

Walks along the beach are common for me. I always looks for perfect shells. Mostly there are oyster shells but, now and then, there are surprises.

Hollyhocks are common here. They are just starting to bloom. I love to see the sun shine through the petals.

There aren’t fields of poppies here as there are in Provence, but riding along on my bike I spot them next to the road. I got down on my knees to get this photo, trying for a different angle. You can see how flat the terrain is with the marsh in the background.

On another topic, President Hollande wants to change the map of France, making it into 14 regions instead of 22. This is to save money by reducing the amount of bureaucracy. It seems like a shame to me-our little region of Poitou Charentes would be absorbed for instance-but Maurice says that the map was changed in the 60s so it isn’t a totally radical new thing. It remains to be seen if it will happen.
On a totally different topic, here is an interesting article on language in the US. It certainly surprised me.