Birds and the Beach

Some photos I’ve taken as I do my walk on the strand along the beach.

There is a little seasonal café on the beach with umbrellas and loungers for, I’m sure, a fee. I think I went a little overboard with the filters on this photo.

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A typical view although it varies all of the time depending on if the tide is in or out. When it goes out, it goes way out which is why it’s an oyster producing area.

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I think these are seagulls. They almost always face in the same direction (always north) in the mornings, sort of like cows. I don’t think they do that cud thing. Maybe they are just napping. They follow the water out as low tide begins, eating small fish and shrimp I think. I see them floating in the water way out before the tide comes in. At noon or so they circle high above us. This is August so they may just be disturbed by the many people on the beach. I’ve become an observer of nature just like scientists once did before computers and books.

I’m always trying to get photos of birds in flight but am usually not close enough. These birds (seen all facing the same direction earlier)were madly eating what looked like bread and only took off when I got near. They are flying away from me but I still like seeing their flight captured in midair.

Beach Living

This and that on the beach.

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Probably a weed but I will call it beach flowers.

I don’t think this dog was particularly friendly but was looking for other dogs. At least he didn’t bark.

Another great sunset.

I love sand made smooth by the wind and beach fences.

A hollyhock against the blue sky. We have had a run of windy, gray days so this was a pleasure.

I’m not sure if the rest of this area has this type of architecture but I sure do like it. There are many similar in our village with a steepled roof, lacy decorations and the pointed feature at the top.

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This lady laid out in the sun for at least four hours. I’m amazed by people who can do this. After a really horrible sun burn in college I learned I don’t have the skin to do this. It seems like I should be a person who hates the beach. I don’t like to be in the sun for long periods, I spend a fortune on sun screen, I won’t get in the water after seeing jelly fish the size of hubcaps on the beach, I don’t like wind of which there is a lot if you live by the ocean, I don’t like sand in my shoes-the feel of it or when it is tracked into our place-and yet I love it here watching the tides come and go, the blue skies and clouds and sunsets, the people watching, walks with interesting things to see-I love these. I pushed Maurice to get a place on a beach. It’s been mostly fun.

Bastille Day

I’ve never made it to the Champ de Mars in front of the Eiffel Tower to watch the fireworks Paris has on Bastille Day. I tried watching from on top of Montmartre before but it was too far way to see much. Here at the beach, the fireworks are right in front of our building. Nothing like having a front row seat.

From our terrace. So pretty but it was really cold and windy. The fireworks were on July 13th which is typical in rural France. Bastille Day is on the 14th.

I watched the military parade in Paris on the next day. This was a group of children who stopped in front of the President and sang the French National anthem.

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Photo of TV screen. Paris can really do fireworks!

IMG_0718[1] (640x640)
It was windy so this didn’t look as good as it usually does. And then that night the attack in Nice happened. I have been on that street many times and Maurice was born in Nice. A father and son from Austin, Tx were killed. I don’t know what can be done about things like this. I just plan to try and enjoy each day and hope I don’t have to say this again

Beach Life

I’m back! Had some major hack problems but I think my son has fixed it all for me, bless his heart.

So, we made it back to our place at the beach and beach life continued.

We had sunsets when there were gray skies which seem to have been in abundance lately.

Every year our village has a fete with a different theme. Last year it was about Nursery Tales and characters. This year it was about Celtic life. There were all sorts of exhibits on the street and bagpipes and dancers in kilts everywhere.

A scene from Brittany all set up. I loved it.

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All posed for photos.

My view from my couch that evening. Beach life can be pretty great.

Here and There At The Beach

We haven’t done any thing of interest or taken any little trips to speak of although there are a lot of things I have on my list in the area and we have company coming so we will be showing them around. I have been walking around our little village and up and down the beach so here are a few photos of anything I found interesting.

A look at the water at high tide one morning as we walked along the beach.

This is why I don’t get into the water, although Maurice does. It is some sort of jellyfish and it is almost a foot across. There are always a few to be found washed up on the shore.

Fish for sale at our little local market.

We have had a few very hot days recently (and there is no a/c at our place)and a nice way to deal with the heat is a glass of rose with ice.

Look at this label. Do you see the words “ice tea” anywhere on it? I don’t either but you never asked for thé glacé in France but ice tea. Just something I find sort of strange. I even got two cubes of ice the other day. It isn’t unusual to get none, just a glass. Life in France.

Hunting for Hollyhocks

I don’t know if they are wild here or not, but this is the time of year when hollyhocks are everywhere. On my walks or bike rides I’m always looking for them-so bright and happy. I have memories of them from my childhood. They are so easy to grow and seed themselves so easily that they almost seem like a weed, but a pretty one. Here are four photos all taken on one day: